Thursday, July 21, 2011

garbage in, garbage out.

I think I may be the most susceptible (had to look that spelling up) person I know.

I don't say that pridefully, like it's cool to be the "most something-ist" person someone knows. It's embarrassing, frustrating, and borderline annoying to all involved.

Ex. 1:  When I was a junior in college, our entire apartment (8 girls) thought it would be a good idea to go consecutively through seasons of Grey's anatomy (which granted, I still watch occasionally but not in excess. ever)... halfway through season one, we all individually thought that we were depressed.  No one talked to each other really, we didn't play as much and no one was pouring into one another.  We were ALL sad and mopey and DRA-MAT-IC (at least I was.. maybe not everyone).  We quickly realized what the problem was and nipped it in the bud FAST, but still. It's hard to watch something that doesn't FILL you up.

Ex. 2:  I can't watch "How I Met Your Mother." I know it sounds stupid. It's a HILARIOUS show that I watched on a 10 hour drive to Snowshoe (best trip ever), WV.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's a bad show. It is SO funny and entertaining.  But I can't watch shows that talk about sex and alcohol.  Makes me cuss more and constantly make crude jokes.

Ex. 3: Twilight.  Oops.  Yes, I got addicted a couple of years ago. I didn't understand why no one loved me as much as Edward loved Bella.  And isn't everyone a little scared after dark and dream about vampires?  Didn't everyone wish that they could jump from here to Ohio without getting tired? ... ummm no!  My life was fine. I shouldn't be scared of the dark.  And VAMPIRES AREN'T REAL.  Hard to remember that it's fake when that was all I was filling my mind with.

I can name 672 examples of my past when what I was reading/watching/listening to affected my life/thoughts/mood/and actions more than anything else.

Great thing is, it doesn't have to be garbage.  I'm reading 2 Corinthians now.  Funny how much more love and innocence comes out of Spirit filled words.  I also love reading the Chronicles of Narnia because it's fiction that doesn't make me have nightmares!  I love all of the symbolism and the joy it brings me when thinking about meeting Our God and about His beautiful creation.  CS Lewis wrote so beautifully!  Much better to fall asleep thinking about Aslan, than about McDreamy.

"Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Matthew 12:34

Saturday, July 16, 2011

first project of the summer.

A few months ago Andrew found some great wooden side tables for sale and we ventured to Ashland city to pick up the great find.

Andrew is SUPER creative and smart when it comes to furniture and DIY things (me on the other hand, not so much) so I was super thankful that he helped me (well, I helped him) redo these cute tables :)

These are the tables before :)  They are real wood and were pretty scratched up.
We sanded them down (with LOTS of sweat in the heat of summer) and lots of tedious little places to sand.  For the legs, we ended up wrapping the sandpaper around a pencil to get in the cracks.

Talk about proud... After we sanded one down, I was kinda ready to be done.  Andrew made me keep sanding while he went inside and took a nap.  Ok... not really. But I did work REALLY hard :)
After we sanded them down, we primed them with spray-on primer :)  I love to push buttons and do things myself (really great quality that probably isn't annoying at all) so painting and spraying was the best part :)
We originally wanted to paint them yellow to match my bed, but it was as bright as the SUN soooo we went with white instead.

One primed. One painted. Almost done :) :)

We used wood filler to fill in the drawer holes and Andrew drilled a new hole for the silver knobs (that I love!) :)

Annnnnnnd finished!  :)

Friday, July 15, 2011

changes :)

Well.. If you've read the bio thing on the side (which I don't blame you if you haven't. No pressure here) then you read that I am a recent college graduate.  This is true.  I graduated from college in May from an AMAZING Christian school, Lipscomb.  To sum it up, I had a wonderful experience and it was a great time of joy, friendship, laughter, and LOTS of pizza (rolls, bagels and papa johns. please do not ignore this small portion of my college years. I love pizza).

College was amazing, but WOW... the past 2 months (ish) I feel like the rug got absolutely ripped out from under me.  But it wasn't one of those rugs that leaves you laying on the floor crying.  It's kinda been like a realllllly fun roller coaster rug (granted, not all roller coasters are fun... but I'll save that story for another day).

I think I have been looking at this ('this' being adulthood-ish and working a full-time job and living on your own and NOT having classes or HOMEWORK and having an actual, like, budget) time of life as a very exciting phase but kinda thought it was going to be SUPER terrible and overwhelming... but it hasn't been.  It's been exciting... and freeing... and encouraging to see that when people tell you high school or college years are the 'best years of your life'... They are WRONG. They are wrong. If you are reading this and you are in college... they are wrong. It gets better. (and if I think this is awesome... month 2 of being an "adult"... then think about how much better it's going to get!!!)

In the past two months: here are some changes...

1. My best friend moved away

My best friend... Her name is Kristen and she is so beautiful and such a blessing... She moved away. MOVED AWAY :(  Kristen and I met when we first came to college and  God placed us across the hall from one another and bonded us forever.  From music- to boyfriends- to humor- to cheerleading (don't judge)- and most important, the amazing God that we had come to know.  We were destined for each other.  She's such a wonderful and pure woman of God that loves deeply and passionately and you should TOTALLY get to know her.  Over the years of college, she interned at churches as a youth intern and fell in love with the ministry of GOD and was absolutely wonderful with the teens.  I learned so much from her and feel so blessed to be in her life.  All that being said, she moved away.  Got her stuff, and stinkin' moved away WITHOUT me (really trying to forgive and be supportive).  She works in Memphis as a full-time youth minister and loves what she is doing.  I miss her.  Her joy brightens my day and she is one of the few people that can read my thoughts, looks, attitudes, and feelings as soon as I walk into the room.  She has such an amazing family and I often feel like I'm in (her brother and I are also best friends).  But for your bff to move away (especially after living across the hall for 4 years) it's quite the change.

2. My friend/apartment mate/late night theology friend got MARRIED.

Louisa. Louisa Kinzer. Louisa Kinzer Lewis (still weird).  I met Louisa our freshmen year as well (she lived across the hall with Kristen and was QUITE the pistol when I first met her). If you've ever met Louisa, you know how quickly she can steal your heart. Passionate, focused, driven, and so innocent, are just the first of thousands of characteristics that describe this amazing woman of God.  She loves SO humbly (but is the most logically stubborn person I've known) and for all of those things I am so thankful.  Louisa has been the person in my life to always challenge me.  When we were freshmen (we always go on a beach trip every summer) at the beach, the first night she and I laid on the beach and talked about how sometimes we had doubted God being real, but how when you look at the overwhelming sky and ocean and creation.. how can you not believe His kingdom reigns?  2 years later, we sat at the beach and talked about her love for Drew (then, her boyfriend. now, her husband) and how God was using him to lead her. Now another year later, on another beach trip, we got to talk about faith and life and doubt and struggle and love and peace and how our lives have changed over the past few years.  She's an amazing woman and she got MARRIED. she's the first one of our group of friends to get married. It was kind of a big deal. One down, more to go. (Kaitlynn is next!!! June 23 of next year!)

3. I moved out of an apartment (with 7 roommates) after 2 years.

Sooo yeah. For two years I lived with 8 people, in a four bedroom apartment, with one living room and no dishwasher.  Sound terrible? No way. it was AWESOME. We had some of the best memories there and I will never be able to go into that place without feeling the joy and laughter that came out of it.  And... when you live somewhere for that long (I know it doesn't seem long, but from 20-22 it seems REALLY long and really full) it's kind of a big deal when you move out, and your best friend moves away, and your other friend gets married... all in a 1 month span.

4. I got a full-time job

I know that this one should be maybe the biggest change... but meh. It's not.  I started working when I started my senior year of college in the job that I am currently in.  I work in Campus Ministry and am the Chapel coordinator Lipscomb.  The summer before my senior year of college I was offered an amazing position that would end up shaping and forming me more than I could have ever imagined.  I worked part-time as Chapel coordinator, while finishing my degree full-time. It was quite the adventurous and extremely difficult year... but... in the midst of some cuh-razy floundering moments, I accepted the job full-time and counted down the days until I was only focused on it.  This summer (all 60 days so far) at work has been SUCH a breath of fresh air. We get to start over and look at what we want this ministry to look like. And we get to brainstorm on how we can love students and solely focus on telling them about Jesus.  I literally learn so much everyday (sometimes too much too fast and my head wants to blow up) and it's SUCH a blessing. I work with some amazing people (more to come on that)... but... getting up at 7ish everyday and actually being tired at 9:30pm is quite the change. Something called responsibility kinda has had to set-in. Whatever.

It's been quite the journey even after 2 months but I can't wait to see what more God blesses my life with.

"We know that in ALL things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The first post on a blog HAS to be the most intimidating right?  Hope so. I'm kinda nervous. 

My church, Ethos, has an amazing leadership team and has recently challenged people to read the New Testament in 60 days. It's totally doable and it's funny how long I've claimed to be delved into the word of God and never really set myself on a schedule to keep reading or on a path that has me going somewhere next.  To be honest, I used to just pick a book. Read it. and then just pick another book... I had never read the story of God like just a REAL STORY. It's been amazing. The Holy Spirit is so evident in these writings and it's been so cool to see it unfold like it has.  

Now for the disclaimer (annnnnd slight confession)... Our goal was to finish the ENTIRE new testament in 60 days (that's kind of a lot for slow readers like me).  So I think I have deemed myself to be around an NT-67. I'm about a week-ish behind but really hoping to catch up.  It's been an awesome adventure and it's been SO cool to see how the scriptures pop into my head throughout the day. Or how things I have been reading have been speaking to me in such different ways than they have been speaking to other people.  Everyone that is reading together has been trying to keep up with thoughts via twitter.  You can see what everyone has said here!

I have absolutely loved getting into the word like we have and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I have.

Here are some of my first few thoughts!  You can also read along with us here! :)
Enjoy and Happy Tuesday :) :) (hoping I did OK blogging for the first time)

In Matthew 1-4, God appears in dreams more than 5 times!  How amazing that He uses that channel to communicate so often.

I also love the TENSE of the bible.  This is something that I have always thought about when reading... God never writes to us in a inferior manner. It's never a question.  It's always complete.  Always confident.  Always sufficient enough for itself.  SO AWESOME!  Matthew 1:21 "give him the name Jesus, because he WILL save his people from their sins."

Some things have been more convicting and hard for me to examine in my life.  Like the beatitudes.  He never says "blessed are the charismatic" or beautiful or rich or funny.  Why do we put those people on pedestals?