Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The first post on a blog HAS to be the most intimidating right?  Hope so. I'm kinda nervous. 

My church, Ethos, has an amazing leadership team and has recently challenged people to read the New Testament in 60 days. It's totally doable and it's funny how long I've claimed to be delved into the word of God and never really set myself on a schedule to keep reading or on a path that has me going somewhere next.  To be honest, I used to just pick a book. Read it. and then just pick another book... I had never read the story of God like just a REAL STORY. It's been amazing. The Holy Spirit is so evident in these writings and it's been so cool to see it unfold like it has.  

Now for the disclaimer (annnnnd slight confession)... Our goal was to finish the ENTIRE new testament in 60 days (that's kind of a lot for slow readers like me).  So I think I have deemed myself to be around an NT-67. I'm about a week-ish behind but really hoping to catch up.  It's been an awesome adventure and it's been SO cool to see how the scriptures pop into my head throughout the day. Or how things I have been reading have been speaking to me in such different ways than they have been speaking to other people.  Everyone that is reading together has been trying to keep up with thoughts via twitter.  You can see what everyone has said here!

I have absolutely loved getting into the word like we have and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I have.

Here are some of my first few thoughts!  You can also read along with us here! :)
Enjoy and Happy Tuesday :) :) (hoping I did OK blogging for the first time)

In Matthew 1-4, God appears in dreams more than 5 times!  How amazing that He uses that channel to communicate so often.

I also love the TENSE of the bible.  This is something that I have always thought about when reading... God never writes to us in a inferior manner. It's never a question.  It's always complete.  Always confident.  Always sufficient enough for itself.  SO AWESOME!  Matthew 1:21 "give him the name Jesus, because he WILL save his people from their sins."

Some things have been more convicting and hard for me to examine in my life.  Like the beatitudes.  He never says "blessed are the charismatic" or beautiful or rich or funny.  Why do we put those people on pedestals?


  1. Awesome thoughts! Thank you for sharing and, please, keep the blogs coming!

  2. Great thoughts Keela. Thanks for your willingness to share them