Saturday, July 16, 2011

first project of the summer.

A few months ago Andrew found some great wooden side tables for sale and we ventured to Ashland city to pick up the great find.

Andrew is SUPER creative and smart when it comes to furniture and DIY things (me on the other hand, not so much) so I was super thankful that he helped me (well, I helped him) redo these cute tables :)

These are the tables before :)  They are real wood and were pretty scratched up.
We sanded them down (with LOTS of sweat in the heat of summer) and lots of tedious little places to sand.  For the legs, we ended up wrapping the sandpaper around a pencil to get in the cracks.

Talk about proud... After we sanded one down, I was kinda ready to be done.  Andrew made me keep sanding while he went inside and took a nap.  Ok... not really. But I did work REALLY hard :)
After we sanded them down, we primed them with spray-on primer :)  I love to push buttons and do things myself (really great quality that probably isn't annoying at all) so painting and spraying was the best part :)
We originally wanted to paint them yellow to match my bed, but it was as bright as the SUN soooo we went with white instead.

One primed. One painted. Almost done :) :)

We used wood filler to fill in the drawer holes and Andrew drilled a new hole for the silver knobs (that I love!) :)

Annnnnnnd finished!  :)


  1. UMMMM EXCUSE ME?!! Why did you not send this to me for Found&Found?!! LOVE IT!

  2. CUTE CUTE! Love all of it! And the headboard is awesome! Miss yall!