Monday, September 26, 2011

"for this child I prayed..."

The amount of joy that is in my heart right now is actually ridiculous.  This was the best weekend ever due to ALL of the baby-news and baby-holding.

Andrew's beautiful sister, Katherine, was due last Monday and poor girl was 3 days late (no thank you...)

The first half (please notice and read the SECOND half of our weekend as well) of our weekend started Friday... She was induced on Friday morning and so Andrew and I headed to sweet Cinci on Friday at lunchtime...  We literally got there at the PERFECT time to see this sweet little bundle.  He's so perfect and precious and wonderful and cuddly.

And of COURSE Andrew is actually the best uncle in the whole world.

Sweet and EXCITED Uncle Andrew getting ready to meet his little nephew.

Perfect little baby boy.

Barrett Reagor Jones :) 

 He's the sweetest little boy... Their family is so happy and sweet and joyful :)

"Nana" and "Pop" are precious proud Grandparents :)

so much love.

sweet wonderful family.  They are such a blessing to me and man, that Barrett is HANDSOME :)

soooooooo then.... the SECOND HALF of our weekend (well not really half, but half of the excitement) came on Sunday afternoon when I FINALLY got to tell people that....

Drumroll please....

my WONDERFUL SISTER is pregnant and due in April!!!!!! ahhhhh I'm gonna be an aunt :) :) ahhh I'm so happy and excited and crazy ecstatic.

We went through Lexington to see Tara and her husband Stacy (he's awesome too. seriously. he absolutely was made for my sister and they are so wonderful for each other)... 

we make each other laugh... clearly.

sweet little baby outfit and little robe... ah. They are so precious.

baby. baby. baby. baby. baby. i'm so happy.

GOD is so good and has blessed so many families, but wow... I'm so thankful and blessed that I'm gonna be an Aunt and that Andrew is ALREADY an uncle :)

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