Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heaven is for Real

If I die anytime soon, I want my funeral to be just like a funeral I went to a couple of weeks ago.  My dearest friend Kristen's Grannie Rose passed away on August 22 and I got to see my sweet friend at the visitation and funeral.  I even got to sit beside our Church's preacher Dave! 

The funeral was solely a celebration of the life that Grannie Rose had lived and they talked about her in a joyful way. It was a celebration of the love that she gave and the life that she lived.  It was awesome.  I had never even met her in person before she passed away, but I sat in tears as they talked about her life and also laughed until I wanted to pee on myself.

At her funeral, Kristen's dad talked about a book called Heaven is for Real. I had heard about the story of the book for a while and kept wanting/meaning to/wanting to read it.  Just hadn't yet.  I didn't have much to do that weekend so decided to get out a book that I've had on my shelf for months.


I spent the day laying outside with Jennifer (another beautiful and wonderful friend/roommate/kindred spirit) and could NOT put it down.

It's about a little boy who has emergency surgery and during the surgery has an experience that is absolutely one of the most amazing things.  He goes to Heaven. He meets Jesus. He meets people that had passed away before he was born. He meets his sister... his unborn sister that had been miscarried. It was an AMAZING story and made me completely yearn to be in heaven even more. I love that. I love yearning to meet my maker. I love yearning to see His face. I LOVE waiting in eager anticipation to walk the streets of Heaven with Jesus. Ah. It makes me want to scream/cry/laugh.

The book is set with such an innocence.  It's from the perspective of Colton's (the little boy) dad and how he felt and things that Colton told them about Heaven.  It's told with such a pureness.

Colton talks about things that he couldn't have learned anywhere else other that actually being in Heaven.

About the Holy Spirit sending down power to the people that need it.

About how much God loves us. About how we can't even imagine how much He loves us and how big He is.

About how He loves the little children SO much. 

It was amazing. Definitely a book I would recommend... not only because of the message, but because of the way it changed my thinking. Since I am very susceptible, it's great when I read anything about the love of Christ... 

It made me look at people differently. Made me even more excited about seeing Andrew in heaven. Made me think about my parents and how much they have seen and taught me and how much I can't wait to spend eternity with them.  Made me think about my friends and how much power the Holy Spirit pours over us every day. How much strength He gives us.

Made me realize how useless I am alone, but how much power there is in the Spirit.

Made me want to be in Heaven. Makes me want to be there now.

"Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it."  -Mark 10:15

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