Thursday, September 8, 2011

loving the work I do.

Ok... disclaimer... this is not a bragging "wow my life is so awesome" post.  If you don't like happiness or thankfulness... just stop your reading right now.

Ok, glad that's over... I love my job.

I love my job... and therefore want to tell the story of why/how/when this thing all began :)

6 years ago, I was a sophomore in High school and watched some of the most amazing men and women that I respected move away from the small town I grew up in, to the big city of Nashville to go to school in Tennessee. Little did I know... my journey would be changed from then on.

Those people.  Those role models... They met other people and even THOSE people were awesome.  I knew it was a place that I wanted to be after just meeting the amazing friends and hearing their stories of seeking Jesus and learning about Him in new and different ways.  As a sophomore in high school I knew that I wanted to come to Lipscomb.

It was one of those dreams though that seemed so far away (all of two years which I realize now how fast flies by... well I realize it kinda...) that it didn't even seem possible.  But low and behold, I graduated and moved to Nashville in 2007.


God blessed me in the biggest of hugest ways with amazing friends that spurred me on.  With wonderful mentors and friends that poured into me (Garner would take our group of friends to Sonic every week... just to love on us.  Just to spend time with us... it was such a blessing).  Without a doubt I knew that God had placed me here for a reason... 

Just one year after being there... I remember sitting with Andrew on the steps of one of the buildings just being so peaceful and thankful for God bringing me to this place.

Brandon (one of the awesome people that even introduced me to this place) was working for Lipscomb Campus ministry and married to an amazing woman of God.  He was seeking Jesus and I knew that His life was echoing it.  I wanted to do something with my time, my life, my work... I was an intern at Harpeth Hills and got a phone call one day from April (a dear friend and mentor) that said she and Brandon wanted to talk to me...

Crap. What had I done?... Why do the University Campus Ministers need to talk to me? I was literally thinking of everything I had ever done and ready to confess my life to them and apologize.  The conversation looked pretty different than I had expected.

They asked me to work for Campus Ministry... what?! Me? I literally sat there in tears and told them that "I had tricked them into thinking that I was something that I'm just not"... I was terrified. They asked me to be the Chapel Coordinator for Lipscomb University (and if you know anything about the position, it's not quite always the most glamorous or uplifting... dealing with probation was not on my top list of 'want to dos when I'm older' to say the least) and after careful prayer, lots of joy, and lots of advice... I accepted the job along with another student.  Full-time student, Part time in Chapel and part time in Admissions... Senior year here I come...

I learned so much during that year.  I learned about this school, and myself, and working with other people, and respecting the people leading me, and wow... so much more... but I loved it.  It weighed on me at times but I loved the work I was doing.

In February of 2011, I accepted the Chapel position full-time.  Talk about nervous... I was terrified it would make me hate this place.  Overwhelm me with questions and run my life.  It's been quite the pleasant surprise 3 weeks into school beginning.

This summer was a breath of fresh air after a long, hard, and busy year.  I got to listen and learn and help and fill and plan more than I had ever imagined... I got to work on this amazing team and learn every single day more about Jesus and how he is working on this campus and our vision for this place.  I am so blessed.  I am so lucky.  I know God is here and I know that he's working on this campus...

The best part so far?... Our students love to worship. Period. Fact. It's nothing that I could have ever done... or planned... They just sing to God and it is BEAutiful.  Second best thing?  They love Jesus.  Third best thing? I have ALL DAY to work and pour into students. I get to sit in an office and help people and pour into people and know them and I get to do it alongside wonderful people that I learn so much from.  

I love my job.  I'm thankful to be here and I hope that God shows me why I'm here at some point maybe... but it's ok if He doesn't.

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