Thursday, September 15, 2011

missed my calling.

I love weather. Period.

I love when it's hot outside and I can lay by the pool with a breeze and a good book.

I LOVE when it snows and is so cold outside that you need to hug someone to be warm.

I love to sled and build snowmen and have snow cream and be stuck inside and no one can drive to get away. I love it.

I love when it rains... so much. I love how cloudy it is and to see the power of God through thunder and lightning.

I love natural disasters (not the terribleness that they bring) and the power that you see and the quiet of everyone being together. And I love when the power goes out.

I love Springtime when it's finally warm enough to sit outside on a blanket, but you have to wear a long sleeve t-shirt or you'll be too cold.

and man, I LOVE FALL!!!... it's so beautiful outside today! I love when it get's cooler and everyone is BURSTING with joy because who in their right mind could be in a bad mood when it's this pretty outside.

God is so good and I'm so thankful for this wonderful creation that He lets me live in.  Wow.  Go walk outside :)

I think I missed my calling and should have been a weather-girl... seriously... sometimes I actually consider quitting my job (ok not really, I more considered dropping out of school) to be a meteorologist and getting to chase storms, report the weather, and wear a pencil skirt everyday... because I'm sure that's exactly what it's like.

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