Tuesday, September 27, 2011

roll tide.

I didn't grow up spending my Saturdays watching football (or thinking about watching football or caring about who was in what conference or if football was even still existent really).  I liked the sport.  I loved being a cheerleader for my high school team, but that was about where my love for sports ended.

Now?  That life is but a mere memory... things have changed.

Sweet Andrew absolutely loves college football. I mean loves. I know he loves me, but I know he loves college football... so in lieu of my amazingly awesome supportive capabilities, I have become quite the football (Alabama football that is) fanatic.

Since this change of life:
-I can name all 12 (now 13) teams in the SEC.
-I can tell you how many times Alabama has won the national championship (and how the AP poll differs from what some people say, which is quite confusing for a new learner)
-The words "roll tide" come out of my mouth more than anything (mostly since I use it as a general football term)
-and I can even tell you where some of the old players NOW play in the NFL. (yep. i'm committed)

So since I have become the all-time lover of college football, I forced Andrew to go with me to Tuscaloosa a few weekends ago for the season opener of Alabama's season (clearly this is sarcasm and he got the tickets and I was the first pick invite)

Hoover, AL was our first stop as we got to stay with Todd's WONDERFUL parents for the night so it wasn't such a long drive on Saturday.  It was such a blessing to visit with them and they were so gracious to open their home to us.  Todd (Andrew's roommate and good friend) is such a blessing to both me and Andrew and has poured so much life into the both of us.  I've learned SO much from him and from his faith and I'm so thankful!  So staying with his parents was quite the treat :)

Saturday morning we headed to T-Town to see Alabama play Kent State... wasn't the most exciting game, but it was so much fun :)  We got to sit beside some crazies that screamed the ENTIRE time and sat in front of some men that HAD to have come from somewhere deep in Alabama where sentences somehow become one concise word, and commentaries become simpler and simpler as the game goes on.

You may be thinking "Keela, this is a lame post and no one wants to read about your weekend in alabama" and to that I say... Well, as true as that may be, get over it and look at our fun pictures :)

we ate at "rama jama's"... A diner-ish place that is right beside the stadium.  Literally waited an hour and 15 minutes for eggs and bacon, but we met some super "interesting" people :)

Ran into this wonderful guy at the game too! :)

we ate at Dreamland BBQ after the game... DELICIOUS!

It was such a fun trip and great time to spend loving something together (well, him loving and me really liking because it was fun)!  Who knew Fall was such a fun season? Not me apparently. Glad someone shed some light on the important things. 

Roll tide.

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