Saturday, November 26, 2011

1/2 of our wonderful thanksgiving :)

Wow. How thankful can one person be?  We have had SUCH an amazingly wonderful great awesome week of thanksgiving and WOW it's been such a fun week.

I'll share as much as I can through pictures, due to the last (and longest) post in history :) (and yes, you should go read how wonderful my sweet fiancé (yep, that's right... I have one of those) is. You can read about it here :)

This week we had such a great week with family and had WONDERFUL food!  After such a wonderful day Monday, we left Tuesday evening for Cincinnati to spend a few days with Andrew's family and close family friends... and of COURSE the sweetest little guy on the planet, Barrett!!! He is so fun and sweet and good and cute and giggly and BAH I literally kinda want to just take a little bite out of him he's so cute. (that's not weird)

Grady and Jeannie are SO kind and welcoming and wonderful with me and Andrew.  Grady stayed up late for us to get there and sweet Jeannie wanted us to wake her up so that she could hear more about our sweet engagement.  I couldn't ask for more in a new family and am so thankful that this year we got to spend our first holiday together there.  They were so sweet and excited with us :)

Wednesday we FINALLY got to see that sweet little baby boy!!! Katherine, Andrew's sister, came over all day Wednesday and let us love on him so much.  She sent the SWEETEST video of him smiling about coming over to see us! :)

You can't tell me that's not the sweetest thing you've ever seen.

Loved getting to hang out with Ashley!

LOVE this sweet baby. He is so snuggly :) :)

No big deal.. just me and my Future Father-in-law playing cards haha. We played Spoons and it came down to me and Grady.  It was hilarious.

Sweet Pops loving on his little grandson. 

Thursday was SUCH a wonderful Thanksgiving :)  Chris and Ashley ran a 10K in the morning (I offered to go but was a little afraid of DEATH by running so most of us just stayed home).  It was fun to sit and visit with everyone!! Grady accidentally spilled some of the Turkey juice and made the smoke/house alarm go off that morning.  It was hilarious listening to sweet Jeannie get onto him.  They are so sweet.  Grady also wanted to make sure that we all took some pictures :) Loved every bit of that for SURE :)

Chris and Ashely after their run!

So stinkin' happy :) :)

Such a sweet family :) Looking so forward to calling them my mother and father-in-law :) :)

We had an AMAZING meal around the table with everyone... Jeannie is a great cook (great for now but bad when sweet Andrew expects me to know how to do the same thing haha) and it was a great to hear what everyone was thankful for :)

So blessed and so thankful for such a wonderful group of people to spend Thanksgiving with :)  Even though from now on things are going to be a little different (not as much about me and a little more about 'us') I'm looking so forward to spending life with the amazing families that God has completely blessed us with.  

annnnnd here is some more love for your enjoyment.

seriously in love with everything about this picture.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and snuggly Thanksgiving like this little guy :)
More to come on the second half of our week :)

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