Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'tis the season.

Remember that time I used to post on here? Yeah, me neither. Maybe I'm not consistent, but I have already forgiven myself and realize that most people don't notice anyway :)

Today is for sure a good day to blog. Why? I took a personal day :) 10% sore throat, 40% weather, 5% didn't want to shower, and 45% my soul needed it= great day to stay inside and rest/pittle :) (I apologize to anyone that I work with or any others who can't take a personal day when they choose)...

Anyways... Back to business.. IT'S HOLIDAY SEASON! :) :) :)... I literally don't think I could be any happier/more joyful/more excited about this holiday season.

The past few years around September/October, there has been something going on.

4 years ago I was just starting college and figuring out all kinds of things.  Who knew that Kristen and Jennifer and Louisa and Maryanne and Maegan and Kaitlynn and Kate and April and Andrew and Josh and Morgan even EXISTED?  Not me. I had no idea how much God would bless me and it was BLAST meeting so many wonderful people in such a short period of time.. still I was distracted from the fall leaves.

3 years ago I was moving back to Nashville after a summer at home, figuring out life with friends, growing up a little bit more and realizing lots of things about life :)- it was good, but still something to distract me from the beautiful weather and wonderful holidays ahead.

2 years ago (wow) Andrew and I were going through a lot of changes and figuring out plans, future, life, God, relationships, everything... So good in the long run, but hard at the time.

1 year ago I was about to start my last semester in College, learning how to manage time with full time classes and full time job, dealing with changes with friends and realizing that things aren't always about me. (shocking, I know).

and here we are... wow... WHO KNEW the fall leaves were so beautiful? I haven't ever looked forward to a holiday season like I am this year... Not that I haven't been enjoying life lately... and not that I haven't always enjoyed the holidays (duh, I love Christmas and LOVE thanksgiving and absolutely adore spending time with family and laughing and being warm and cozy when it's SNOWING outside) But this year has just been a little bit different.

This year I think I have been excited about Thanksgiving/Snow/Christmas/Cold weather since maybe August 1st. Since I was working (more) this Summer, I just felt more HOT than anything during the summer season. I have been so ready for things to cool off.  I've been ready to see my Mom's christmas tree that is RIDICULOUSLY full since September.  I LOVE Christmas and this year, even though it will be different than ever before, I'm SO beyond SO excited about it :) :)

I can't WAIT to go home and see my family. And go to Cincinnati and spend time with Andrew's sweet family and wonderful dear family friends.

I can't WAIT to hug my sweet sister's pregnant belly and eat my beautiful Granny's turkey and dressing.

I can't WAIT for it to SNOW!!!!!! :) :) :) I think I might pack my snow pants (yes, I am always prepared for snow) on every trip/drive, just in case there is a flake falling outside.

wow. I am looking so forward to all of the driving and all of the planning and presents and remembering to take time to be thankful.

I am LOVING the embrace of Christmas music that I have given in to.  I am LOVING the Christmas tree already up in our living room and the three little gifs under the tree (one for Jenna, one for Tara, and one for Baby Girl Vincent)

I'm so thankful to get to spend holidays with two families this year and feel so blessed.

It's colder (well, not this week really) and cozy and warm inside and fun and awesome and so wonderful. Embrace it this year and I hope you have a GREAT holiday season :) :) And if you need some holiday cheer, buy Michael Buble's christmas album. It's worth it.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving :) :) :) :)

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  1. Seriously??? I just posted a long comment and it deleted it after I wasn't logged into Google! :(

    Let me start over.

    This post just made me cry a little. Sure, we can blame it on my PMS, but anyone mentioning anything about hugging a pregnant belly gets the waterworks going.

    I am completely on the same page as you. I always love the holidays, but there's just something different this year. Something more special...

    I'm so grateful for your friendship, and I'm so happy that we can be joyful about life together. Even when others don't quite get what's so exciting about a fall sunset or a snowflake. :)

    You are wonderful, and I love you so so much!