Wednesday, November 23, 2011

we are ENGAGED!!!! :) :)

Let’s just start with a disclaimer… This literally might be the longest blog post in the history of blogs.  So… this may not be for the light hearted but WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!! Ahhhhhh

I think I have literally SCREAMED more in the past 2 days than I have in my entire life combined. The sweet love of my life, Andrew Thomas Smith, asked me, Keela Nicole Evans, to be his lovely (I threw that in) wife!!! I said yes and WOW the days are already flying by (granted it’s only been two days really but they DID go by really fast).

Ok… since I only will ever get to write/talk about getting/being engaged once, I’m gonna start at the beginning and love writing EVERY single word and take full advantage :)… ah I love it.  This has been so fun and such a wonderful blessed journey.

Small timeline… Around March, Andrew and I realize that this is it. No more leaving, no more backing out. This is it and we are in this together.  Did we have it figured out? Heck no. Did we want to figure it out? Yes. That was what changed things.  The first time we talked about getting married (like really wanting to get married, not just the “I could marry you” deal) was around April of this year at a Mexican restaurant near his work.  Classy I know. I remember every part of even that conversation. I remember being so embarrassed thinking that he was finally gonna figure me out and know how much I wanted to be his wife one day. Wow.
 Fast forward to September.  We both knew that we were at a place where it was going to be real… we were getting closer to being engaged and if you know me at all… I do NOT LIKE SECRETS. I hate them in fact. I hate not knowing what is going on and I actually loathe whispering (I’m sorry to those who didn’t know this… it’s a terrible quality that I promise I am working on. It’s not nosiness, I think it goes much deeper than that… anyways…). So in September I asked sweet (and patient) Andrew for some sort of timeline… ANYTHING he could tell me would help ease my mind… He DID tell me that It would be SOMETIME between November and the end of January.  He made a LOT of jokes about January 31st and how he couldn’t wait to ask me to marry him sometime in February. I prolly should’ve laughed more now that I think about it (whatever).

Sidenote: A couple of months ago we decided to commit to going on one date night each week. It doesn’t have to require lots of money, we just wanted to consistently be intentional about pursuing one another always and starting that habit now, rather than trying to fix it later J It has been one of the BEST things we have ever done.  But it also gave me lots more times to think “is it now?” and “it’s not tonight is it? Promise it’s not tonight!”  I asked lots of questions ALL the time and he never gave me even a HINT of anything. It was terrible (not really, it was awesome and wonderful and perfect and a HUGE surprise).

November 1, 2011= Keela’s giddiness increased by about 79%. I knew we were closer than ever and that in the next few months it was going to be real. But I ALSO knew that it wasn’t going to be before Thanksgiving. One day when I was asking lots of questions and was thinking I had it figured out (no clue) he got SUPER serious and said that he KNEW it wasn’t going to be before Thanksgiving but that the range hadn’t changed and it would be sometime before the end of the January.  I was absolutely convinced it was going to be December sometime. Completely convinced. I had told a few people that I knew  it was going to be December and if it wasn’t, then he’d wait until January. I was so oblivious.

One night last week, Satan attacked my brain and CONVINCED me to open Andrew’s cell phone. A HUGE rule that was set in July when Andrew locked his phone and it was completely off limits for me. Sweet love of mine though wasn’t always the most discreet with his passcode though so I always would know it as soon as he tried to change it haha. So I opened his phone. Went straight to his messages (I know. I deserve to be shot and I should have to give the ring back for my terrible behavior) and saw a message saying that Meredith was going to be talking to my parents the next day. It made ABSOLUTELY no sense to me and I almost threw up from guilt. I confessed as SOON as Andrew walked in the room and he was SOOOO mad. I was confused thought because I thought I hadn’t really seen ANYTHING. I had just confirmed that he hadn’t talked to my parents yet and that it would be a while. My heart was completely at peace. I knew it wasn’t gonna be for a while longer and even though I snooped, I was glad I knew it wasn’t coming and we were going to just be enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving with BOTH of our families. I was beyond stoked about the week already. (but really, All this time though, it REALLY was him who sent the message and was going to see my parents the next day... It also had said that it was only 4 days away. I had no idea. That's why he was so upset)

Okay… I was coming to Murray (where I grew up) on Sunday night for an appt. Monday morning and then planning on coming back to Nashville on Tuesday morning before we left for Cinci (to have our first Thanksgiving together) Tuesday afternoon. I had planned a date night with my sweet Dad and wasn’t planning on anything for the day. Had some errands to run, but NOTHING out of the ordinary.

Monday, I got to hang out with Meredith and her precious baby girls. Got to spend time with my Mom and run errands and laugh and play and had a WONDERFUL date with my Dad.   It was a great day at home!

Around 2pm my Mom asks me if I’m going to take a shower… I have worn the same sweat pants for 2 days at this point and my hair is in a bun on top of my head. I look rough but couldn’t care any less, what’s better than being at home? Being at home and not having to shower!  So my mom keeps getting on me and asking when I’m going to shower. At this point I just don’t even understand what the big deal is!  I told her she was acting weird but if it would make her happy, I would shower. She won. I showered.  When I got in the shower, I let it cross my mind that could he be asking me tonight?????... please. No way. There was NO WAY it was Monday.  I completely made my mind ignore every thought that it was happening then. Would it be wonderful? Yes. Would I love it? Absolutely, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

I get ½ ready and need to run into town… Mom and I ran more errands, the whole time her knowing what was happening and me just pittling around like normal.  We vacuumed out my car (much to her disagreement) and bought a gift for my wonderful (and beautifully pregnant) sister. We went to Walgreens too.

Ok so my Dad was being kinda weird about the TIME that we went on our date. I didn’t understand why we had to go so early, but it didn’t even phase me. We all were at home watching TV and I fell asleep.  My dad didn’t get upset that I was going to run late for our date, but my mom was READY for me to wake up. She even started playing a little music box to wake me up. It worked. I went and put a little make-up on (wish I had put a little MORE on now) and was ready to have a great date night with my dad.

We went to Zaxby’s and it may have been my favorite meal ever with just me and Dad. We talked about my job and Church and life and his meetings and football (because I’m extremely smart about it now) and Murray and food a LOT J We visited and talked about Andrew and his job and Dad asked lots about if he was liking it and what Andrew was doing while I was in Murray. I bragged on him and told Dad that he was working so hard on policies and how good at his job he is.

All of a sudden my Dad gets up and says he has to run to the hospital to visit a woman.  This is COMPLETELY NORMAL for Dad, especially when one of us is with him.  He loves taking us around and visiting people and so it didn’t even phase me that he had to go to town.  My mind had thought that it could be tonight, but then as soon as the thought entered, the thought left.  I KNEW that he hadn’t talked to my parents and I KNEW that he was working late (please… I’m an idiot).

We get in the car and head towards the hospital.  Dad says that his car light was on and pulls into the Murray park parking lot. I got nervous. I started looking around and then told myself once again IT IS NOT GOING TO BE NOW. IT IS A LONG WAY AWAY. CHILL OUT. Seriously… nothing at this point was even that out of the ordinary.  Dad kept telling me to get stuff out of the car as he went and called “Mallory”… I kept thinking that Dad was looking for someone, but I didn’t even look that hard because I knew I was being so dumb to think it could be that night.

Ok… so we get back in the car and head toward the hospital again, but this time, he didn’t drive STRAIGHT there… he went down one street over and I got REALLY nervous. My heart started racing but even then I kept telling myself I was being so stupid and how I was going to just make myself crazy again. Ha this is so fun to write. Sorry it’s so long.

We drive down a road and Dad points out some lights… I say “YOU NEED TO TELL ME RIGHT NOW WHAT IS GOING ON.” And I was serious too.  My heart was racing and I was so confused. I finally look up and see the most beautiful gazebo and candles and pathway of candles.  At this point I’m like freaking out.  Dad hugs me and tells me to go along from here (and also throws in “not to do anything stupid” hahahaha).. I walked alone up the lit pathway that was lined with candles and signs telling me which way to go.

I can’t find Andrew ANYWHERE and keep thinking that “tonight of all nights, he is going to scare me and jump out and I’m gonna pee on myself.”  I walk up and I see a beautiful table with candles (kinda melted, I was late) and a letter to read.  I need to re-read it because I was so nervous that I couldn’t even take it all in.  I stopped a few times when I was walking on the path and just breathed and told myself it was REAL and to enjoy it. 

His sweet letter was the sweetest thing I have ever (mostly) read.  He wrote about what he told my friend when she asked why he wanted to marry me. He talked about me being a mommy and being selfless and laughing with him for the rest of our lives. Phew. It was wonderful.

So at the end of the letter (still have no idea where Andrew is, I’m all alone I think) it says … “all of this won’t be able to happen without the answer to one simple question”…

So I look up and there is my sweet Andrew holding out a little black box and trying to get down on one knee… but that would be WAY too easy. I HAD to hug him and just honestly be excited to even SEE him in Murray.  I couldn’t believe it.  We hugged and I think I jumped up and down. The night was completely about us and our life and marriage together and I felt so beyond so loved and adored and pursued. Wow. I still can’t even believe it!  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I think I screamed “YES! Yes I will marry you! Yes, I will be your WIFE!!!” It was perfect.

We talked and visited at the park for like 30 minutes and just talked about how excited we were and how blessed we are to be at this place.  He was SO sweet and SO happy.  I knew I would be excited, but I had no idea how HAPPY we would both be that the day was here.  It was so wonderful.

We called his sweet parents on the way home from the park and they were SO sweet. Jeannie sounded a little teary, and they both just sounded so excited.  They have been so loving and supportive of me and Andrew along the entire way and I feel so blessed to be able to call them now my future-in-laws!

We get home and visit with my parents and then I call my Sister (who stayed up WAY past her normal bedtime to hear from us!) and told her that Andrew had asked me to marry him and that I had said yes and we were ENGAGED.  Andrew had called her after he talked to my parents and told her everything about when and so she knew already.  I called Nick and Meredith next and literally SCREAMED the entire time. They had played it completely cool allll day long.

We went to my grandparents house (just down the road from my parents) and I took my ring off so I could surprise my Granny.  They were playing cards and I just bursted out our news.  They were both so sweet and Granny said “I knew from the very beginning that she was going to want to keep you.”  She’s right.  She was the one that stuck with us the entire time.  She loves Andrew SO much.

We came back to the house and Mom had us a little cake and flowers and she had invited some of my family over to tell them.  I called each of my roommates and told them (they had found out it was happening only a few hours before) and they were all at separate places (so I thought) and so it was SO wonderful to tell all of them the news and wow they were SO sweet and excited with me.

Texted a few people, called a couple, and then it was time to go public…. Twitter. Haha Andrew and I both announced our wonderful news about the same time (even though his was way sweeter) and both of our phones started exploding with sweet wishes and congratulations messages :) :) It was awesome.

Then all of a sudden, I hear the ever so dear song “Chapel of Love” coming from the front door and (almost) all of my sweet friends came singing inside.  I LITERALLY fell to my knees with excitement and shock.  I had NO idea and for SURE didn’t expect them to EVER think about driving 2 (3 from Memphis) to just see us on the day we got engaged.  I couldn’t believe it but WOW I was so excited to see them.  They were so excited with us and so sweet and encouraging of everything.  It was awesome.  My family came over and we got to announce it to them and everyone was so sweet and excited.

I think I yelled every sentence and Andrew just laughed with me and was so sweet and wonderful to let me be absolutely crazy.  Everyone left and started the drives home and we got to stay at home (as a to-be-married couple) and just talk about the day.  We sat on the living room floor and he told me about everything… About how he had talked to two of our friends about what to look for in rings and how he had taken Brandon, a great friend of ours and one of the leaders at church, with him for the first time.  Every detail made it even more special.  I couldn’t sleep that night from being so excited and my mind running so fast, but it was totally worth staying up.  He is so wonderful and I am so blessed and excited to be his wife. 

So that’s it… kinda… it’s just the beginning and we can’t wait to see how God uses us in ministry, in life, in everything.  We are both praying huge things for our time engaged and for when we commit our lives to loving one another so selflessly.

So thankful for all of the sweet wishes and am so thankful for this phase of life :) Congrats on finishing this story and Happy Thanksgiving :)

Here are the pictures :)

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