Monday, December 5, 2011

1/2 of our wonderful Thanksgiving (part 2)

I still feel like I am in a euphoric (excluding probation/chapel this week) state of mind and I just can't WAIT for the day I become Mrs. Andrew Smith and I get to be his sweet bride (well, I hope I'm a sweet bride at least)

I'll post soon with all of the changes, details, shopping trips, conversations we have been having lately about getting MARRIED... but for now, here is the second part of our Thanksgiving break/week :) :)

It was SO wonderful to get to spend time with both of our wonderful families over the break.  We LOVE riding in the car together and driving from place to place (all 12 hours in the car were great, excluding that ONE hour that I might have dosed off... sweet Andrew is always so sweet to let me rest even though he's the one that is probably more exhausted)... Anyways... We got to my house on Friday afternoon and got to spend a little bit of time with my parents before we had places to be :)

We got to open our second post-engagement gift from a sweet little lady from church and it was so cute.

My sweet dad... 

Second gift... SO fun to open and so thankful for Mrs. Pam

Newly engaged couple :) We forgot to take our picture the first night (very sad)

Last Thanksgiving, my family started a tradition of "Christmas Kick-Off" on Friday night after Thanksgiving to celebrate the start of the Christmas season.  It was so much fun to see everyone and spend time being ENGAGED :) :) 
My sweet grandparents... You can't tell me they aren't the cutest things you have ever seen.

PREGGO :) :) :) bah. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how cute my sister's little pregnant belly is. I literally miss it SO much.  Tara really loves when I talk to her belly (not really... but I just can't help not talking to my little niece).  This is my sweet sister and her wonderful husband Stacy :) they are wonderful :)

Delicious goodies for Christmas kick-off :)

haha Uncle Larry officially changing the Thanksgiving wreath to the Christmas wreath :)

Best friends. and HILARIOUS.

We had such a great weekend with everyone AND found out my niece's name!!!!! It's so sweet and cute and I can't WAIT to meet her!!! (not sure if I am allowed to tell yet or not so I'll just leave you hanging so you have to read my next blog)  Happy Monday :)

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