Wednesday, December 21, 2011

christmas date night :)

Gonna go ahead and give you another disclaimer... if you don't want to read about our date night this week, just check back when there is something else to read about :) My own opinion is it's a good read but I'm a little bias.

A few months ago, Andrew and I decided that we wanted to commit to having one "date night" every week.  We have some wonderful friends/mentors that have committed to this too and said that it's been so wonderful for their relationship and marriage.  Every week, either Andrew or I plan a night for the two of us.  Doesn't have to be expensive or a huge plan... but something intentional for us to spend time together :) 

Since this is the first year during the holidays that we are splitting time with our families, it's also the first year that we wanted to have a specific night for us to exchange our gifts :)  For Thanksgiving we went to Macaroni Grill (no, we didn't cook Turkey and dressing... please don't judge) and did some Christmas shopping :)  We planned a while back when we would get to have our Christmas date and I have seriously been counting down. 

Andrew got to take half of the day off from work (an extremely rare case) and came to my house to get everything ready for our date night :) We had a DELICIOUS meal (Poppyseed chicken, hash-brown casserole, lemon-pepper asparagus, and salad) and loved spending time together.  Andrew is a much better cook than me at this point, but this meal I'm pretty good at so it was really fun :)

After supper I was really ready to open gifts. A few months ago, when Southwest tickets went on sale, I bought Andrew and I tickets to fly with two of our best friends, Jill and Logan Hartline (wonderful people that we absolutely LOVE spending time with... their story was a lot like ours and they've been married for almost a year) to go to BOSTON!!!!  I have kept a secret for TWO MONTHS (if you don't know me... I am TERRIBLE at keeping secrets like this. As soon as I get someone a gift, I can't wait to give it to them).  I also LOVE wrapping gifts... I used to work at a little boutique in Murray and we wrapped the gifts for people. I absolutely love it and enjoy seeing them sit under the tree SO MUCH :) :)

Andrew had tried guessing his gift a few days ago... He knew we were going on a trip but had NO IDEA where or when or with who :) I begged him to give me his top 10 places he'd want to visit and what was number 1? BOSTON :) :)  I had also seen a toboggan and gloves that I loved a few months ago... A dorky picture? Well, sure... but I'm over it and was WAY too excited not to have a picture in my new gear.

Overall? Wonderful date night :) :) It was fun to think about this time next year and us being MARRIED!!!  So many things to be thankful for and so blessed to get to spend my life with this guy :) :) 

Hope YOU have a Merry Christmas too :) :) I'm sure I'll have lots more pictures after our trip to Murray for Christmas (most likely of my sister's preggo beautiful belly and of sweet Barrett in Flat Creek... but that's just a guess.)  Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. Boston is the greatest city ever!!! Go to Mike's Pastry and eat at the North End! Yall will have a blast!