Sunday, December 18, 2011

feeling blessed.

If you don't want to hear about how thankful someone can be, stop reading now... Lots of emotions and bragging are coming :)

Friday night, we drove to Cincinnati to spend the weekend with Andrew's family and have Christmas festivities a little early this year (my heart/brain have been suddenly welcomed to splitting Holidays which is wonderful and hurts my heart every time I think about us both having to miss some of the time with family).  We got to Cincinnati on late Friday night and wow... I just love it so much there.  It's so welcoming and homey and Andrew's family is just so wonderful.  I don't think I could be more thankful than I am.

On our drive, his parents checked in on us along the way (guessing exactly where we were which was hilarious) and both stayed up to wait for us.  How beautiful their home is decorated all for Christmas and how excited we were to be there for the weekend.

Saturday we slept a little late and got to just spend the day with his parents and watch... wait for it... HOME VIDEOS!! For some people that may be boring... for me? to watch Andrew as a 2 year old? ummmm it was awesome. I loved seeing his parents years ago have the exact same personalities and mannerisms.  Also hilarious to see Andrew have the same curious looks and logical ideas and actions.  Pretty sure he was the cutest little boy ever.  It was awesome.

Sweet Andrew talked to his Dad about being his Best Man and they were both SO sweet about it (my money's on the fact that some tears might have been shed, but who's to say).  Grady said he'd think about it, of course ;)... We also go to talk to Grady about our wedding (both of our Dads will be doing the ceremony... which is by FAR the part of all of the wedding ish I'm most excited about). It was SUCH a wonderful day :)

Saturday evening, Ben and Katherine came over with the sweetest most cuddly little baby boy... BARRETT IS SO PRECIOUS.  He's gotten even bigger (I guess that's obvious) in the last month and so animated!!  He smiles and laughs and plays (and spits up, but that's acceptable for a little baby).  I got to hold him for so long while he was so precious and slept and bahhhh he so so sweet I almost just want to take a bite out of him (not in a weird way... he's just so cute).

We are having SO much fun on our first Christmas together and getting to talk about all of our Christmases to come :)  It was so fun watching everyone open the presents we got them (we got Ben and Katherine a frame with Barrett in it and it was for sure my favorite gift so far) and then just laugh and visit.  I feel so blessed so be a (almost official) part of their family and get to spend time with everyone.  Looking so forward to more Christmas times in the next week and looking REALLY forward to more Christmases to come :) :)

Here are some pictures :)  I wasn't the best at pictures this time, I'll try to learn something and do better next time.

 Sweet family :)

Look at that sweet face!!

He already has strong little legs and can almost kinda stand :) Sweet little boy :)

Andrew's two very different shirts :)

Pops :)

Miss everyone already and looking forward to next week!

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