Thursday, December 29, 2011


Sometimes when I spend the majority of the day alone, I tend to do lots of things. Clean, piddle, watch FRIENDS, solve the worlds problems, etc. etc. etc.

Today has been one of those days (after a super groggy yesterday) that I have had the inspiration to just keep going and doing and cleaning and being a good little wife (I know I'm not Andrew's wife yet, but today I practiced what I could)

After my day of thinking... I've come to one conclusion.

I am so beyond so blessed.

Sometimes I have a brief glimpse of how really blessed I am... I get a little bit sentimental and just look around at the COUNTLESS blessings in my life.  After lots of cleaning and piddling and dinner alone (a wonderfully odd and inspiring feeling I might add) I was taking down my Christmas ornaments and tucking them away for next year (yes, when I open that box next time, Andrew and I will be married. a wife. that's what I'll be...anyways....) I got to look (again) at all of my sweet little ornaments.

Like a good Mother should, my sweet Mom has always taught me to write the year and occasion or name on the back of any ornament I received as a gift.  It's always so fun to get them out of the box and remember where I was or when it was that someone let me open the ornament.  I kept seeing how many little ornaments came from my parents home (and consequently my mom's tree... sorry Mom, thanks for letting me have all my childhood ornaments) and how many ornaments were marked on the back "from Dad, Christmas ----" or from close friends and family :)  In the middle of my ornament-taking-down my sweet Dad called.

If you know my Dad at ALL, you know that he loves LOVING my mom, my sister, and me, more than anything in the whole world (next to God... but that's a given for my Dad).  He dotes on us and pours into us and loves on us constantly.

He called me while I was taking everything down and it just came over me how much I love hearing from my parents and how blessed I am to have them.  I love just having a simple phone call... hearing about his sermon for Sunday night and how in every commercial the scene changes every 3 seconds... Telling him how upset I was that one of my ornaments broke. Hearing about his day and him working. Telling him how much I've gotten done.  I just feel so blessed to get to hear from him and reminds me so quickly how blessed I am with the wonderful parents GOD placed in my life (well... really just placed me in their lives but whatever).

God is so good. I am so blessed and so thankful for the blessings he pours out on me.  So blessed.

Happy Thursday :)

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