Thursday, January 5, 2012

one day makes a difference.

one day.

that's all it takes to change things.

one day you're dating, the next you're counting down to tie the knot.
one day you're just two people, the next you are celebrating your family beginning.
one day you're going to college classes, the next you are freaking out with what to do with your life. 

things go from normal to crazy so fast, but on the flip side... one day can COMPLETELY change an attitude, a relationship, a family, and a workplace.

I get bitter sometimes (please don't stop being my friend after this terrible confession, promise I'm working on things). Bitter towards life, towards my job, honestly just bitter towards anything that isn't going the exact way I planned for that exact moment (Andrew reminds me of this when he may not respond the exact way I want him too). 

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions (well, I never have made one actually)... not because I don't think they are GREAT, I just don't ever make new goals for the new year (maybe I should... anyways...) but this year (all 5 days of it) i've completely made it an effort/priority to just make the days better.

Don't worry as much.

Don't be so negative or bitter towards things in my life.

Forgive quickly, let things GO even quicker.

I'm a pretty positive person in general but I have already felt my heart leap for more things and found myself engulfed by God's sovereign Spirit. What a blessing. It's nice to feel His arms around me and makes me want to RUN (not walk. not pass GO and collect any money) towards His life and plan for me. Makes me want to love my family better, encourage my sweet love Andrew more, spend more time with the people that encourage me to do bigger things. Makes me want to pour more into my work, and encourage the people I work with more.

Just taking one day to do these things can change everything.

one day. let just TOMORROW (or today, don't procrastinate) be different :)

Happy Thursday :)

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