Monday, February 13, 2012

uganda! :)

Remember that time I walked in my office and found this?...

Yeah, me too.

This all happened a few weeks ago, and I've been super excited/nervous to finally say "I AM GOING TO UGANDA!!!" (because when I said it out loud, it became real, and sometimes real is really scary)

It's already been such a cool journey to get here and I can't wait to see how God opens doors for this trip and this ministry.

The conversation started last summer when my great friend and co-worker, Mark Jent, came to me and asked if I'd be interested in leading/joining a trip! I was beyond excited... I was blessed to go to Honduras for 4 years in college with an amazing group, and I knew I wanted to keep serving and keep going somewhere anywhere.  Nothing was particularly on my heart, but I remember making the statement "I mean, would I love to go somewhere awesome like Uganda or somewhere else in Africa? absolutely, but i'll go wherever."... I really wasn't being picky and was ready to just do whatever was helpful for Mark... we both even had said multiple times that something was going to work out and it would be perfect.

I'm in three weddings this year, two roommates and one of my own :) :) the timeline of what I'd be able to serve/lead was going to be limited. We had a few ideas, but nothing was really jumping off of the pages for either of us.  It came almost 8 months later that this opportunity arose! How blessed I feel already.

A wonderful student on campus had a passion for the people in Uganda and decided to take the trip last year!! This will be the second (with probably many more to come) trip and I can't wait to be a part of this with them and I'm so looking forward to it!

Of course there were many things to think through... time, money, commitment, everything... but sweet Andrew and I are really looking forward to seeing how God can use this ministry in the years to come!!!! Prayers are very appreciated... for the team, for financial blessings, for safety, and most importantly, for God to work in Uganda and for His name to be glorified!

Happy Monday :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You know those stories from your parents/friends/anyone-older-than-you that start out as "oh yeah, that was that trip that we took right before we got married!" or "hmm when was that? I think we were engaged at that point."?...

Those stories that my parents (I assume most of the people that read this are young without kids, except my sweet Aunt Connie who reads this and makes my day when we talk about it) always tell around the holidays and the jokes and funny events come up year after year... those trips. 

Those trips that you talk about for years... 

well big news guys, I think we just went on our first "oh yeah, that trip to Boston with Jill and Logan before we got married!!!" trip. and

it. was. AWESOME!!!

The part of my heart that was created for friendships/relationships/kindred spirits... that part of my heart seriously is almost all the way filled with my love for Jill and Logan. Seriously. We love love love spending time with them and LOVE learning about life/marriage with them every time we hang out.  They are such a blessing and it was SO much fun to spend time with them in BOSTON!!! I would keep talking (which I seriously think I could fill up like 64 pages of thoughts/fun time/jokes/stories from this weekend) but instead I'll just review through photos :) I took my camera this weekend but didn't take as many photos on it as I wish I had. Sometimes an iPhone really does just do the trick.

1. Get to Boston. Check
2. Get to Hotel and check in. Check
3. Try to figure out the T and get over to USS Constitution... after some unnecessary walking... Check.

"Hazzah! Her sides are made of iron!"

Beautiful City. Next stop, Old North Church.
Where they hung the lantern(s?) and Paul Revere came through.

Next day: Off to the best coffee place in Boston!! 
thinking cup
(supposedly. I thought it was good, but the coffee was a little bitter for my taste... get it? coffee is bitter?...)

Fenway Park was way cool. My uncle and cousin are HUGE yankee fans, but this trip MIGHT have convinced me to at least own/wear a Red Sox hat. It was awesome. The city is SO rich with history and culture. So fun.

I think I'm kinda in love with this picture. I LOVE traveling with this sweet man and can't wait to do life with him for the rest of mine! :)

Also maybe just a littttttle obsessed with Jill and Logan AND this picture. 

'Green Monstah' was so cool. We got to sit in the seats on top and I'll definitely be entering for the ticket lottery (even though I know it's dumb and I won't get picked. Maybe I'll get to go to the Yankees game and my family could come! Dream big, right?!)

Next, to Bleecher bar. It's a restaurant INSIDE of the Big green monster. It was so cool!!! 

Boston Public Library

Kirkland House, Birthplace of Facebook. 

Sam Adams and Paul Revere graves

JFK Library and Museum. 
My mom used to be TOTALLY obsessed (in a good way) with the Kennedy's so I had really wanted to go back to the library/museum (I went to Boston when I was younger but don't remember everything)
It was SO cool to be there.


so long, beautiful Boston. 
Thanks for the memories and laughs. Hope to see you again. 

Happy Tuesday :)