Wednesday, March 7, 2012

amazing season of life.

Wow. What a season of life this is... I feel so blessed and thankful and joyful and excited and thoughtful and ahhh sometimes I think my heart or brain is going to overload and just burst.

I think sometimes I look back on a season of my life and think "wow. I miss that season and things were so good then and I was learning so much..."--- then sometimes in the MIDST of a season I wish it away and think that things are hard.  Right now? I can absolutely feel and see how good of a season this is.

Being engaged has been so so so wonderful for me and Andrew. I think part of me (well, really every time I thought about being engaged) thought it was going to be SUPER hard and stressful for me and Andrew. I thought it was going to create stress and tension... and maybe it will eventually... but it's been SO fun to be looking forward to our marriage together and our commitment to God and each other. It's been such a blessing to get to plan our wedding day and plan our future with each other.

Work (granted, it's March and things are about to get crazy) has been such a blessing and I feel more confident and more thankful for this job than I ever have.  I feel like our team and the entire University is going through so many learning stages and it's been such a blessing to get to be a part of this community.  We have some great things happening on this campus and have been so blessed by leadership and authority to be where we are now!!! So thankful to be a small part of this place.

Only 32 days until sweet Baby Girl Kyndall is born and I can't wait to meet her!!! It's been fun getting excited about having her here and I'm glad Tara is feeling better!  We got to see Kyndall's nursery last weekend (on our way back from Cinci) and it's SO beyond so cute. Hopefully my dearest Sister will help me and Andrew in 12 years when we are ready to have kids (that was terrifying to say out loud. me? a wife? a mother?? haha no way.)  She is THE most beautiful mommy-to-be!! I can't wait to be an aunt!!! :) :) :) :)

also, My sweet mother-in-law-to-be made Kyndall the CUTEST diaper stacker and it was so fun for me to sit and visit with her :) I couldn't ask for more wonderful in-laws and I can't believe that I get to be in their family!

Faith=LEARNING STAGE. I feel like sometimes my brain and heart (as mentioned before) wasn't prepared for this job/stage of life/looking forward to marriage/everything to be learning as much as I am right now.  I feel like everyday God is blessing me with something else to learn and know about Him and where HIS heart is.  It's been amazing to be learning from different friends and mentors about life and especially about marriage and future.  God is so good!!!

I also feel so much brokenness with friends and families that I know.  A dear friend's baby passed away this week and I just feel that brokenness with them so badly.  A student from Harding passed away in an accident and I just hate how quickly things can change.  There is definitely evil in this world but God is so much bigger (sorry for the soapbox).

I'm thankful and am loving these days of life.

also--- countdown update? we are less than 200 days away!!! 199 days from today, I become a wife. Wife? Wife. Wife... wife?!?!?!? Wife! (that's literally how I feel and think about it)

Happy Wednesday to all :)

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