Monday, April 30, 2012

UGANDA update.

Just 9 days out from leaving for UGANDA for 18 days (I keep saying 18 days out loud because when I say it out loud it reminds me of how awesome, and how ridiculous, it is going to be being gone for 18 days... 18 days... 2 1/2 weeks... 18 days... wow)

We created a blog to let everyone know how we are doing while we are over there (pictures, updates, etc.) you can check it out HERE if you want... nothing really exciting yet, and please don't judge the design.

Fundraising is improving!... I was SUPER anxious/worried about it until last week and God is totally providing.  My sweet fiancĂ© even made a contribution!  If you want to contribute, you can HERE. (not making this blog a fundraising thing, but it never hurts to put it on here right?)

PLEEEEEASE be praying for safety/health/blessings/focus/mission/smoothness of everything/anything you can think of... we are super excited and praying big things for how God is going to use us as His hands and feet! :)

Happy happy Monday :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#NT60... Round 2.

This probably has about 100 lessons in it already but... my first blog post was about NT60 and here we are again :)

Our preacher, Dave (who is such a blessing), challenged our church last summer to read through the New Testament in 60 days together.  It was AWESOME... I was always just a few days/chapters behind but I loved hearing about all of the different things people were reading and learning... and isn't it AMAZING and CLEAR how reading the WORD of God will completely just cover you and overflow out in your life? I am not great with self-discipline (definitely working on that) and this challenge was so great!

Unfortunately... no... I didn't finish... I got through some of Paul's letters and never finished.... I know... I deserve to be stoned to death for giving up.


WE ARE STARTING AGAIN!!!... Fresh start, clean slate, happy day :)

My friend, Julie (who I think I might just write one whole blog about because she is 1. awesome. 2. just moved to Nashville. 3. my kindred spirit who totally just understands. 4. awesome. did I mention awesome?) and I have committed to reading to New Testament together and FINISHING this time :) :) I'm so excited to walk through this with her and see what we learn... Andrew, my love, is also joining us... and a friend of ours from church, Daniel, is doing it too!!! I can't wait to see what all we learn this time around and I'm SUPER pumped to be reading the same words thousands of miles away in Uganda during our time!!!

If you want to join us, you are MORE than welcome to!!! HERE is the link for the plan :)

We started yesterday and I can't wait to see how God speaks to both of us (all of us) in the next couple of months. I feel so blessed to be in a church that challenges me to get into the word.

Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

sweet babies.

Remember that time I left my camera on my bed and realized it about two hours into our car drive? Yeah. I sat in silence for about 30 minutes because I was so sad AND we contemplated just buying a camera.... whiiiich doesn't make sense soooooo here are our phone pictures (first world problem... left my DSLR camera at home and had to take pictures on my iPhone) from this weekend!

Friday we got to go see sweet Baby Girl Kyndall and WOW she has already grown!!! She is one week old and sooooo beautiful. She's perfect and precious in every way.  Her little tummy hurts, we think, and so she may let you know... but I ever love her little cry.  She doesn't like to have a dirty diaper (who would?) and she likes to snuggle. A lot :) :) she's my kind of little one :) :) :)

Saturday we headed to Cinci (after six whole weeks of not getting to go) and got to see Andrew's sweet family... Barrett is HUGE!!!!!!!!! Andrew and I couldn't believe how much bigger he has gotten and WOW does he have a sweet little personality!!!  It's so precious to watch him giggle and look around and take EVERYTHING in :) :) this whole Aunt/Uncle thing is FUN! :) (and no we aren't married yet... don't judge me for saying we are Aunt/Uncle because we already love them both so much)

Sweeeeet baby girl. I got to rock her for over an hour!!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

 Snuggle Time!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

tell me that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen... Snuggle Time with Aunt Keela :)

Ok maybe THIS is the cutest thing I've ever seen... I love how much my sweet Andrew loves this little girl. He held her (while they let us watch her ALONE... best babysitters ever) for a long time on Saturday and I think I heard her say very clearly, "Andrew you are my favorite Uncle in the whole world!  I can't wait until you marry my Aunt in September!!"... that's what I heard at least ;)

Tara sent me this one on Sunday... baby girl is so perfect!!!

Next up: Cutest little 7month old (today!) ever!!!... He is so sweet and cute and loves to cuddle and is HUGE... Maybe it's because we held a newborn right before, but honestly he has just grown so much in the past 6 weeks!

I love to play :)

He looks JUST like Ben, his dad, and is so sweet!!!! He smiles so much and I wish we had gotten a picture of him smiling!!!

Blowing bubbles :)

Happy 'this-weekend-was-awesome-and-now-back-to-work' Monday :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kyndall Garryn Vincent is here!!!!!!

SHE IS HERE!!!! SHE IS HERE!!!! SHE IS HERE!!!! She is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and she is healthy and she is strong and smart (already) and wonderful and just PERFECT!!!!! It's been the best week everrrrr and I'm just so thankful and happy and excited and sad (not to be there now) and BURSTING with joy.

My super hero of a sister was a WHOLE WEEK LATE... she was such a champion and I hope that whenever Andrew and I eventually make babies that I can be HALF as awesome/strong/wonderful/beautiful as she was.  Here's how it all went down...

Sunday, April 8: Due date... Expecting a baby girl... no baby girl came
Monday, April 9:  Prepared to take as much time off work since it was gonna get crazy next week... no baby girl came
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.... BABY GIRL WAS COZY and still didn't come
Saturday, April 14: Drive to Huntsville for a shower (the exact opposite direction of baby girl) and was so nervous that I'd finally get the call... no baby girl
Saturday night: Date night (which was a GREAT date night if I do say so myself)... went to sleep in my little bed hoping for a phone call.

1:30am:  I open my sleepy eyes to a ringing phone (on LOUD for such a time as this) and hear that Tara is at the hospital in Lexington and we are having a baby girl sometime that day.  Hang up the phone. Lay in bed deciding if I'm awake enough to get up and leave then, or wait... twiddle my thumbs for about 2 minutes and hop up!!! Pack my bag (which had everything laying out for about 4 days), make a happy cup of coffee, left my wife (Jenn) a note that I was leaving... and headed out the door!  My sweet love woke up to my 16th phone call and tried to convince me to rest first and then drive... no way!!!!!

I don't think I've ever been so nervous/alert/awake driving through the night EVER... I was absolutely determined not to die/wreck/hit a car/get hit by another car/swerve haha.  3 hours later I got the text that she was pretty close to pushing (9.5 cm to be exact.. sorry if that's weird to say) so I figured it'd be a good time to tell my parents I was driving now haha

pulled in the parking garage... SPRINTED (awkward back pack on run) through the garage and up to Tara's room. I got to see the MOST beautiful in-labor-41-week preggo mommy EVER!!!... I was so happy to see her sweet face smiling and so excited.  Stacy, my sweet brother-in-law, prayed over their new family and for that sweet baby girl's life... even the NURSE was crying haha.

Before Baby Girl came along...

So this is all about 6:45EST (the time change is important haha)... My sister and parents and everyone laughed about how 'only I' would be able to walk in RIGHT before she pushed and not have to wait at all!!... What can I say? I like to plan things efficiently ;)

So about 6:50am we (four soon-to-be grandparents and an overly jittery aunt) go into the waiting room to sit until sweet baby girl is ready to come on out :) :)... within FIFTEEN MINUTES we have news that Kyndall Garryn Vincent is HERE and is HEALTHY and Mommy is doing great!!!! I am not quite sure I've ever seen my parents that happy :) Stacy sent us a picture really fast and we all were just STARING at her.

My sister was a CHAMPION! She only pushed for 10 minutes (I say only ten minutes like it probably wasn't quite a long few minutes) and baby girl didn't give her too much trouble at all (yet... wait until she is 16 ;)  )

Yes I added 734 pictures to my computer and have been OBSESSED with them ever since.  We are so blessed and happy and thankful and excited.  I can't believe how amazing God's plan and creation are.

Here are some of the things that have REALLY stuck in my head/thoughts I have had.

1.  I never knew I could love a little baby so much... I have REALLY loved babies before (Hutchens and Jones babies in particular) but there is something about knowing that my SISTER made this baby. They made her!!! crazy.
2.  I for sure never knew how my sweet sister would look at something.. I've never seen anything like the way she looks at Kyndall... so loving and gentle and adoring and proud... It's so beautiful.
3.  I think having a baby kinda hurts afterwards.
4.  I loved hearing my sister say immediately "I don't know how anyone couldn't believe there isn't a God after seeing something like this"
5.  Now me and Andrew have one of each (boy AND girl! Barrett and Kyndall!!)

so without further adieu, I present to you... 
19.3 inches long and 7lbs 3oz HEALTHY little butter ball :) :) :)
new baby girl :) :)

Sucking her little thumb... sweet baby girl.

 Proud Daddy

This is absolutely-no-question-about-it my favorite picture of my sister... I love how you can see how overwhelmed and happy and thankful she is.  I hope she doesn't hate it... i LOOOOVE it.

Poppa :)

Ummm I'll just call this one "Favorite Aunt".... I don't even care that I look like a crazy person.

 Granny-mom :)

Uncle Andrew!!! This sweet love drove by himself Sunday morning to see baby girl on the day she was born!!! :) :) We have already agreed to be the best aunt and uncle to our sweet little niece and nephew!! Sleepovers ALL the time :)
Baby girl loves her mommy :) :) :) :)

Oohhh I'm a sweet baby girl :) :)

BEAUUUUTiful Mommy :) :)

Look at my pretty eyes!!! :)

I'm a sleepy little bear! :)



Did I take pictures of every feature to look at while I'm away at stinky old work?
Yes. Yes I did. I love that little mouth!!


Precious family ready for baby girl to COME HOME!!!

I love her in her little carseat!!!!! :) :)

Her first home :)

God, I thank you for your amazing love and creation and for the blessing of life.  God I pray that you protect this sweet baby girl and I ask boldly that you guard her heart and mind and Lord guide her towards knowing you every single day.  God please bless her parents with patience and wisdom and discernment and open their hearts to the love that you have for them and for baby girl.  Thank you for her. Thank you for your love and grace and I lift her life up to you now.  Amen