Thursday, April 12, 2012

(im)patiently waiting

My sweet preggo mommy sister was due on SUNDAY and it is THURSDAY and baby girl is still not quite ready to come meet her favorite Aunt Keela yet... I can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl!!!  and I seriously am ready for her to come!!!!

In other news, I'm already over probation and it's only Day 4.

Prayers for sweet baby Kyndall are always appreciated... and for momma bear to finally go into labor! :)

God I thank you.... I thank you for life and your creation and I thank you for my sweet sister and family. God thank you for her life and for her and Stacy's marriage and I just lift them up to you right now.  God please bless sweet Kyndall and protect her from anything that is not of you.  Please guide her heart to love you more than anything else and please bless Tara and Stacy to teach her more about you everyday.  God I lift up this season of life for them and ask that you bless every second of this new journey. Amen.

Happy Thursday that I really want my niece to come!!!!! :) :)

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