Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#NT60... Round 2.

This probably has about 100 lessons in it already but... my first blog post was about NT60 and here we are again :)

Our preacher, Dave (who is such a blessing), challenged our church last summer to read through the New Testament in 60 days together.  It was AWESOME... I was always just a few days/chapters behind but I loved hearing about all of the different things people were reading and learning... and isn't it AMAZING and CLEAR how reading the WORD of God will completely just cover you and overflow out in your life? I am not great with self-discipline (definitely working on that) and this challenge was so great!

Unfortunately... no... I didn't finish... I got through some of Paul's letters and never finished.... I know... I deserve to be stoned to death for giving up.


WE ARE STARTING AGAIN!!!... Fresh start, clean slate, happy day :)

My friend, Julie (who I think I might just write one whole blog about because she is 1. awesome. 2. just moved to Nashville. 3. my kindred spirit who totally just understands. 4. awesome. did I mention awesome?) and I have committed to reading to New Testament together and FINISHING this time :) :) I'm so excited to walk through this with her and see what we learn... Andrew, my love, is also joining us... and a friend of ours from church, Daniel, is doing it too!!! I can't wait to see what all we learn this time around and I'm SUPER pumped to be reading the same words thousands of miles away in Uganda during our time!!!

If you want to join us, you are MORE than welcome to!!! HERE is the link for the plan :)

We started yesterday and I can't wait to see how God speaks to both of us (all of us) in the next couple of months. I feel so blessed to be in a church that challenges me to get into the word.

Happy Tuesday :)

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