Monday, April 30, 2012

UGANDA update.

Just 9 days out from leaving for UGANDA for 18 days (I keep saying 18 days out loud because when I say it out loud it reminds me of how awesome, and how ridiculous, it is going to be being gone for 18 days... 18 days... 2 1/2 weeks... 18 days... wow)

We created a blog to let everyone know how we are doing while we are over there (pictures, updates, etc.) you can check it out HERE if you want... nothing really exciting yet, and please don't judge the design.

Fundraising is improving!... I was SUPER anxious/worried about it until last week and God is totally providing.  My sweet fiancĂ© even made a contribution!  If you want to contribute, you can HERE. (not making this blog a fundraising thing, but it never hurts to put it on here right?)

PLEEEEEASE be praying for safety/health/blessings/focus/mission/smoothness of everything/anything you can think of... we are super excited and praying big things for how God is going to use us as His hands and feet! :)

Happy happy Monday :)

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