Monday, May 7, 2012

new beginnings.

It's May 7... Which means (drumroll please) that the graduates have walked and that (more importantly maybe) chapel probation has ENDED and grades are ADDED and the summer is HERE!!!... Wow. I can hardly even believe how freakishly fast this year has gone by. I feel like it should be like the 8th week of Fall semester... CRAZY!

One of my favorite (absolutely totally favorite awesome) parts of my job is that we get to look ahead during the summer to our next year and take the opportunity to really ask God what He is wanting us to share with our students.

We get to start over.

Clean slate.

No limits on our dreams of teaching or vision or sharing what God is calling us to do.  It's one of my favorite times of the year when we wipe the board clean and start again!

We ask hard questions and challenge each other.  We push back when an idea is hard to swallow.  We ask humbly and boldly for God to speak to us and scream at us where He wants us to go next.

It's fun... and it's hard.  I feel defeated when we don't have the right answers.  I feel useless when I don't have a great idea or the perfect thing to say or do.  I feel disconnected from God when I don't have an exact clear vision for what He wants just from me, much less campus ministry or chapel in general!...

and then... Andrew and I went to Ethos yesterday... Sometimes I sit there and listen and I feel so broken.  Broken though in a convicting and challenging and encouraging way though (if that's even possible)... Dave spoke from James 1 and about actually knowing Jesus and loving Jesus and having a relationship with Him.  It was encouraging to not be worried about knowing the answers or having the best ideas.  Just wanting to KNOW Him and to LOVE HIM!!!

It was so challenging and encouraging... I don't want to just talk about Jesus. I don't want to blog about Him or talk to Andrew about Him and not FOLLOW Him.  I want to KNOW Jesus.  I want to depend on God with everything in me.  Grace is pretty amazing though... just like a new year and new challenges and new opportunities... It's a new day to know Him.  A new day to seek Him and a new day to LIVE His words.

Thankful for a new day and new beginnings.

Happy Monday (2 days before we leave for Uganda.  Please pray for our trip and our hearts to SOLELY beat for God and to do HIS work) :)

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