Wednesday, June 27, 2012

sweet season.

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again... I have been shocked, surprised, pleasantly overwhelmed by how much Andrew and I are enjoying this season of life.  I think every part of me thought that being engaged would be miserable.  You know you're getting married, but you still have to peace out at the front door at 10pm... you are committed, but you don't share money or time (really) and finding a balance sucks... but wait a second... it's been FUN! So much more fun than I ever imagined.

Most of this has to do with my groom... duh... and how gracious, understanding, and patient he has been with me over the past 7 1/2 (ish) months. but even more than anything WE have done, it's been so much more about learning together.

We have been learning SO STINKIN' MUCH (it feels like) about marriage, and life together, and it being OUR MARRIAGE and OUR relationship and OUR choices together.  It's been so fun learning that today may stink, but tomorrow might be awesome... and knowing that we're in this together as a team. Granted, we are still 87 days (yes, I have a countdown on my phone, computer, and this handy little blog) away from being married, but I'm just thankful today for this season and for the people that have been pouring into us and our relationship.  We are so thankful for long walks with friends, talks around the dinner table that end up being us as sponges as people talk about marriage... we are thankful for GRACE and HELP when we don't have any idea what to do, and very thankful for the encouragement that we get from wonderful mentors and friends.

We are enjoying this season and looking so forward to the next!

There has also been a LOT going on during this season... we have been a little busy lately with LIFE and even when it gets draining, it's still kinda fun :)

I went to Africa... that was a turning point in being engaged... When I left, we were still more than 4 months away, and when I got back, we were LESS than 4 months out and as everyone KEEPS telling us, time flies ;)

Maegan, my beautiful and intentional roommate, got MARRIED!!! June 2, 2012 she tied the knot to John and headed to the Dominican... without us. She was a beautiful and radiant bride and I was so thankful to stand beside her on their special day :) 

She was so beautiful and so happy!

Father's day weekend we got to go to Murray and see my family and MAN baby girl Kyndall is getting so big!!!! She is the most precious thing and has been smiling more and more... and it's true... she does love her Aunt Keela and Uncle Andrew... even if her cute faces are just from gas, it makes me so happy.

Before REGISTERING :) :) :)

beach goddess... bah. I just want to take a little bite out of her. I won't though.

Got to have lunch with Tara, Stacy, and Baby girl last Sunday! :)
June 23, our sweet and wonderful Kaitlynn finally married sweet Burton.  After 13 months of waiting for their wedding day, it was HERE and so perfect.  Everything was so perfect and the weather couldn't have been better for June 23 :)... She was absolutely stunning and her sweet spirit absolutely glowed. It was just perfect!

I just love this picture for some reason... everyone is just so happy.
So beautiful and SO happy :) :) :) 

BFF caught the bouquet :) :)
Next up, Carter and Lindsay's wedding this weekend... then off to the beach with Andrew's family and the Smith's!!! :) :) Couldn't be more excited about getting away and spending time with them! 

Happy Wednesday :) :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

looking back. (small glimpse)

I started this post last Monday... here's how far I got.

Happy Monday afternoon to all... What a crazy-ridiculous-overwhelming-culture shock full-hard-exhausting-good week this has been.  The past 7 days (since we have been back in the states) have felt like about an entire month of things.  I was in one of my best friends wedding on Saturday (don't worry, that will prolly get it's own post) and it feels like a HUGE blur to think over the past week of being back.  I haven't had much debriefing yet, or just talking about the trip much really at all, but am thankful for God's grace and for His patience on giving me some time to fall on my face and get back up again.  I wanted to get at least some (yes, I have 4,258 photos from Uganda on my computer) photos on here just to start the process of telling the stories/memories/learning experiences.  So here we go!

Day 1, 6:00am before we left LU... we laughed at this photo alot on the trip because we didn't even know what we were about to embark on... much less know each other!!!

Meet Jobin.  We stayed at Cornerstone's main office (they have a basement with rooms and a kitchen... very nice for us to be able to stay there!!) They have some women and men that are there often, and some of the women clean and cook for people that are at the office/staying there.  Jobin was one of the women's sons and was there most mornings!... This was taken before our first fellowship and he kept peeking in to see what everyone was doing.  He was precious.  He had Malaria while we were there and was so pitiful and sad :(... He was better when we left though :)

ok... so... clearly I haven't finished this post... I began a week ago and haven't quite found time in the midst of life, wedding planning, working, sleeping, eating ice-cream (on my wedding diet), and loving my love to finish this... i promise I want to, will, and see it happening very soon... but i had to press 'post' to at least get some (none compared to how many there are) online. Happy Thursday. not monday haha