Thursday, June 14, 2012

looking back. (small glimpse)

I started this post last Monday... here's how far I got.

Happy Monday afternoon to all... What a crazy-ridiculous-overwhelming-culture shock full-hard-exhausting-good week this has been.  The past 7 days (since we have been back in the states) have felt like about an entire month of things.  I was in one of my best friends wedding on Saturday (don't worry, that will prolly get it's own post) and it feels like a HUGE blur to think over the past week of being back.  I haven't had much debriefing yet, or just talking about the trip much really at all, but am thankful for God's grace and for His patience on giving me some time to fall on my face and get back up again.  I wanted to get at least some (yes, I have 4,258 photos from Uganda on my computer) photos on here just to start the process of telling the stories/memories/learning experiences.  So here we go!

Day 1, 6:00am before we left LU... we laughed at this photo alot on the trip because we didn't even know what we were about to embark on... much less know each other!!!

Meet Jobin.  We stayed at Cornerstone's main office (they have a basement with rooms and a kitchen... very nice for us to be able to stay there!!) They have some women and men that are there often, and some of the women clean and cook for people that are at the office/staying there.  Jobin was one of the women's sons and was there most mornings!... This was taken before our first fellowship and he kept peeking in to see what everyone was doing.  He was precious.  He had Malaria while we were there and was so pitiful and sad :(... He was better when we left though :)

ok... so... clearly I haven't finished this post... I began a week ago and haven't quite found time in the midst of life, wedding planning, working, sleeping, eating ice-cream (on my wedding diet), and loving my love to finish this... i promise I want to, will, and see it happening very soon... but i had to press 'post' to at least get some (none compared to how many there are) online. Happy Thursday. not monday haha

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