Friday, July 27, 2012

in the meantime.

I am so beyond over July... I know that like a month ago I posted about how much fun being engaged has been (which it has) and how much Andrew and I have grown and blah blah blah i am OVER July. Until the second week of July, we had been looking forward to something before the big day in September... school being out, Africa, two weddings, family vacation, etc... but the end of this month has seemed to drag on like the 25 days until Christmas... (okay okay yes i'm being dramatic... it has kinda flown by but also dragged on at the same time)

Yet, in the meantime we HAVE been very busy and up to LOTS of things preparing for this whole marriage thing :)... Marriage counseling (hilarious, wonderful, challenging, and a little more hilarious to me for some reason), preparing for our first home (our beautiful one-bedroom apt. that i can't WAIT to live in), enjoying date nights and random things before we sell our lives to awesome busy-ness in August/September... it's been fun, but still full of waiting.

It IS crazy though looking at a countdown and week-by-week calendar... I get to marry Andrew Thomas Smith in only FIFTY-SEVEN days!!! We started at 309 and only 57 left. Wow. Less than two months. It's crazy!

This might be a lame post, but I had to document this lame end-of-July feeling somehow...  Here are some of the things we have done in the past month to prepare/fill our time wisely :)

1. I put EVERYTHING from us dating (tickets, photos, programs, random things that I have kept) in a Smash Book. I'm so proud. It's BEYOND full and thick but we love it. I can't wait to finish it and add things from the past year or so.

2. We have re-done some furniture for our new home!!! I pray that I love our first child as much as I love these pieces of furniture.  Andrew is SUPER proud too and we have both tried to take lots of pictures to document what all we have done. (I know you are worried that I might not blog about them... rest easy, my friend, that blog post is coming)  It is all so beautiful.

3. Ordering random things online... couch/chair slipcovers, our engagement photo book (which i am OBSESSED with), a few new books, etc.

4. We officially have a new home (on August 10th it's REALLY ours) and we miiiight have gone to find it/stalk it without being able to go inside.

5. and my biggest pastime right now? Stalking our registry online. I know that is a terrible thing to-do but it makes me so stinking happy to look at the things Andrew and I have picked out for our life together. Please don't judge me. July has been like 8 years long.

Happy Friday :) :) and happy last-weekend-before-life-gets-awesomely-crazy-for-us to all :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

60 years.

Today marks the 60th anniversary of my Granny and Granddad (my mother's parents) beautiful marriage.

60 years ago my Granny tells stories of her and her sisters riding a grey hound and smoking cigarettes and tells me about all of the boys that would tell her she was beautiful constantly (I love hearing her stories)... My Granddad was in WW2 and after he got back they met and got married... I love hearing that out of all of the other boys that pursued her (supposedly, she's quite the story-teller, all this happened) she chose my granddad to be with forever.  I don't think I doted on her like some husbands, but they have taken care of each other for 60 years now and it's amazing to witness.

Granddad took care of Granny like nobody's business... They had a wood-burning furnace until about 5-6 years ago and so every summer he'd be outside cutting wood and storing up for the winter.  I loved helping my Granny wash dishes and looking out the kitchen window and her telling me "if you look really close you can see Granddad"... we were kinda best friends when I was a little girl.

Over the years I have watched their relationship change as Alzheimer's started to change Granddad... Instead of him taking care of Granny, now Granny takes care of him...

Last night we celebrated their marriage and their lives together with our family all sitting together :) They still love each other.  They still laugh (hysterically) together and sit beside each other at every chance.  They still sneak food off of the other one's plate (well, Granny steals Granddad's food at every chance... I got that quality honest from her) and they still look at each other adoringly.

This stage in life, it's so cool to see how other's have made it through hard times, good times, weird times, and terrible times.  I love hearing about their marriage and how it was hard or time when it was so fun and such a good season, full of life.  I love hearing from them about raising a family and raising them to be faithful.  I pray that in 60 year (+66 days) Andrew and I celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary with family that can hopefully look at our marriage and see that we still adore each other.

Granny, Granddad, and their Kids :)
Granny, Granddad, and all their Grandkids

Monday, July 16, 2012


To just say that this was fun... would be a huge under statement... we were so thankful for Justin Wright and his UNBELIEVABLE TALENT and man, I love this guy.  You can see the official blog here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

today i'm thankful for:

1. second (and 1,000th) chances to seek grace, forgiveness, Jesus, and holiness.
2. my Andrew who hugs my neck and loves me in the midst of me showing my terribleness so abruptly.
3. my sweet sister who just understands what no one else in the world would understand or care about
4. Taco Bell
5. a new book (i.e. retail therapy that is kept in better check with a budget)
6. my Meredith.
7. there only being 73 more days until i'm married to Andrew.
7a. almost knowing where our new home is.
8. my sweet Aunt Connie and Mallory that love and give everything they possibly can... and love doing it.
9. April's heart and Jake's processing (even when it's annoying)
10. F-R-I-E-N-D-S
11. Jennifer's openness and covenant to walk alongside me in life
12. wedding invitations that bring me more joy than they probably should ;)

happy wednesday. 

be thankful in the midst of chaos or defeat. something i forget way too often.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Smith family vacation.

Last week was QUITE the wonderful week at the beach with Andrew's family!!! :) :) We had been counting down the days (not quite as closely as I am counting days until we tie the knot... cough... 75... cough...) to drive down to the ever-so-classy-PCB to spend the week with Andrew's family and the Smith's (sweeeeeet dear family friends that have been vacation friends for years)! it was sooo so so so much fun to spend the week with his sweet parents and sister and ben and... drumroll please.. the cutest 9 month old on the planet, Barrett :) :) I took 408 photos over the week, and I think maybe 399 were of that sweet baby boy.  What a blessing to spend time with my future-in-laws and it wasn't too shabby laying by the pool all week ;)

this baby boy LOVES to play peek-a-boo right now. He would peek over the couch and was so cute.

Wasn't quite sure what he thought of the beach at first. 

Looooove these two.

sweet mommy. 

we were best buds.

sweet Avery Grace... so much fun to see this little angel and love on her a little bit :)

i think their group of 'kids' has grown a little

friends :)

mommies :) :)

the smith's and hardison's :)

3 smiths... 3 jones'... and 1 evans for 75 more days. 

I've never seen so many fireworks in all my life... i was so stinkin' happy to be so pleasantly surprised. I was afraid no one would shoot any off on the 4th... i was definitely mistaken.

Ben is such a good Dad!!! Love watching him and barrett play :)


uncle Andrew is the best uncle.