Wednesday, July 18, 2012

60 years.

Today marks the 60th anniversary of my Granny and Granddad (my mother's parents) beautiful marriage.

60 years ago my Granny tells stories of her and her sisters riding a grey hound and smoking cigarettes and tells me about all of the boys that would tell her she was beautiful constantly (I love hearing her stories)... My Granddad was in WW2 and after he got back they met and got married... I love hearing that out of all of the other boys that pursued her (supposedly, she's quite the story-teller, all this happened) she chose my granddad to be with forever.  I don't think I doted on her like some husbands, but they have taken care of each other for 60 years now and it's amazing to witness.

Granddad took care of Granny like nobody's business... They had a wood-burning furnace until about 5-6 years ago and so every summer he'd be outside cutting wood and storing up for the winter.  I loved helping my Granny wash dishes and looking out the kitchen window and her telling me "if you look really close you can see Granddad"... we were kinda best friends when I was a little girl.

Over the years I have watched their relationship change as Alzheimer's started to change Granddad... Instead of him taking care of Granny, now Granny takes care of him...

Last night we celebrated their marriage and their lives together with our family all sitting together :) They still love each other.  They still laugh (hysterically) together and sit beside each other at every chance.  They still sneak food off of the other one's plate (well, Granny steals Granddad's food at every chance... I got that quality honest from her) and they still look at each other adoringly.

This stage in life, it's so cool to see how other's have made it through hard times, good times, weird times, and terrible times.  I love hearing about their marriage and how it was hard or time when it was so fun and such a good season, full of life.  I love hearing from them about raising a family and raising them to be faithful.  I pray that in 60 year (+66 days) Andrew and I celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary with family that can hopefully look at our marriage and see that we still adore each other.

Granny, Granddad, and their Kids :)
Granny, Granddad, and all their Grandkids

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