Friday, July 27, 2012

in the meantime.

I am so beyond over July... I know that like a month ago I posted about how much fun being engaged has been (which it has) and how much Andrew and I have grown and blah blah blah i am OVER July. Until the second week of July, we had been looking forward to something before the big day in September... school being out, Africa, two weddings, family vacation, etc... but the end of this month has seemed to drag on like the 25 days until Christmas... (okay okay yes i'm being dramatic... it has kinda flown by but also dragged on at the same time)

Yet, in the meantime we HAVE been very busy and up to LOTS of things preparing for this whole marriage thing :)... Marriage counseling (hilarious, wonderful, challenging, and a little more hilarious to me for some reason), preparing for our first home (our beautiful one-bedroom apt. that i can't WAIT to live in), enjoying date nights and random things before we sell our lives to awesome busy-ness in August/September... it's been fun, but still full of waiting.

It IS crazy though looking at a countdown and week-by-week calendar... I get to marry Andrew Thomas Smith in only FIFTY-SEVEN days!!! We started at 309 and only 57 left. Wow. Less than two months. It's crazy!

This might be a lame post, but I had to document this lame end-of-July feeling somehow...  Here are some of the things we have done in the past month to prepare/fill our time wisely :)

1. I put EVERYTHING from us dating (tickets, photos, programs, random things that I have kept) in a Smash Book. I'm so proud. It's BEYOND full and thick but we love it. I can't wait to finish it and add things from the past year or so.

2. We have re-done some furniture for our new home!!! I pray that I love our first child as much as I love these pieces of furniture.  Andrew is SUPER proud too and we have both tried to take lots of pictures to document what all we have done. (I know you are worried that I might not blog about them... rest easy, my friend, that blog post is coming)  It is all so beautiful.

3. Ordering random things online... couch/chair slipcovers, our engagement photo book (which i am OBSESSED with), a few new books, etc.

4. We officially have a new home (on August 10th it's REALLY ours) and we miiiight have gone to find it/stalk it without being able to go inside.

5. and my biggest pastime right now? Stalking our registry online. I know that is a terrible thing to-do but it makes me so stinking happy to look at the things Andrew and I have picked out for our life together. Please don't judge me. July has been like 8 years long.

Happy Friday :) :) and happy last-weekend-before-life-gets-awesomely-crazy-for-us to all :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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