Saturday, August 25, 2012

good advice.

Over the past few months, we have been getting LOTS of advice from different couples, mentors, families, friends, everyone.  It's been so fun to 1. see who says what... and 2. think about ALLL of these different pieces of knowledge and how we are going to work at making our own marriage work well for us.

On our RSVP cards (which I love thanks to the beautiful and talented Jill Hartline... who also has a new website coming out soon in which I can't WAIT to order from... anyways...) there is a space to put some advice for us and our marriage.  I have absolutely LOVED running to the mailbox everyday to see who is coming and also what they wrote on the back.  We also had a sweet shower at Aunt Connie's house and there were cards made ESPECIALLY for advice for us.  

We also had Grow Class at Ethos with a sweet couple, Luke and Heather, that we adore, as well as Jon and Pam Shoulders, who if I could be adopted into a family, I think I'd pick them :)... We had supper with them and man, felt so blessed and humbled by how much we are going to learn together.  We loved it.

and we ALSO have been pre-marriage counseling... which I think it so so so hilarious. We are totally textbook in some ways, and then totally random on others. I feel like I leave laughing EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. hahahaha but it's been SO fun and SO good.

(You may not care about this, and that's totally okay... but...)
Here is just a tiny glimpse of what we've been learning :)...

From Grow Class

It's okay that some things don't work for you (us)... Finding what works well for us is better than trying to fit into the 'norm' (whatever that means).

Communicate about EVERYTHING.

Even after 25 years, there are still going to be things that you learn about one another. 
(WHAT?!?... I was just BEYOND shocked at this one)

Children ask.  Adults announce.

From RSVP Cards :)

Love God together, serve together, show grace, say 'I'm sorry' and play DBC -Nick

Be kind, talk softly when you're angry, LISTEN, turn off the TV, be selfless, pray together, dream together, tell great stories, be on the SAME TEAM, build each other up -My Meredith

Always keep laughing!! -Jill and Logan

Pick your battles, COMPROMISE, some days won't be 50/50, be each others biggest supporters, and even if she says she doesn't care where to eat, she does! -Peach and Mary-Beth

Never stop having fun, never be too old or proper to play in the mud and Love Jesus well. -Jake

Hold tight to one another always and forever and live for HIM! -Phill and Sharon

Always treat and talk to each other in a respectful way! -Rufus and Donna :)

Always make time to laugh together! -Maegan and John

Pray every day for your spouse's physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health. -Chip and Jill

Say 'I love you' every day! -Uncle Al and Aunt Linda

Laugh every day! -Katie and Matt

Live on a budget. -Josh and Katie (we loved this one!!)

God first. Then love and trust each other.  You cannot love each other too much.  -Gene and Linda

Don't get so wrapped up in the details that you forget to enjoy the moment! -Bob and Kathy

Remember not to stress the day of... no matter what happens, enjoy your day! Savor every moment and remember it's about you guys starting your journey together! -Josh and Jenny

Choose well, and stick together! -Allen and Kaye

Love, laugh, and enjoy yourself! -Steve and Nancy

and a few that we have giggled at ;)

From the mad-libs at Aunt Connie's

Keela you should: respect Andrew
Keela you should: Be a better loser (whatever...)
Keela you should: forgive first
Keela you should: trust Andrew
Keela you should: respect Andrew's family
Keela you should: chill when Andrew gets home from work, don't spew (this is real haha)

Andrew you should: respect Keela
Andrew you should: never let Keela win (whatever...)
Andrew you should: forgive first
Andrew you should: stand up for Keela
Andrew you should: respect Keela's family
Andrew you should: tuck Keela into bed

Always remember to: make up
Always remember to: love the stage of life you're in
Always remember to: take breaks and talk, share each other's friendship
Always remember to: hold hands and kiss well :)
Always remember to: keep your priorities balanced

Make time for: the little things
Make time for: getaways
Make time for: each other
Make time for: date nights

On the honeymoon you should: relax!
On the honeymoon you should: be present
On the honeymoon you should: XOXO ---thank you Stacy ;)

Never: say "you always!"
Never: criticize each other in front of each other's family
Never: go to bed angry
Never: fight in public
Never: bring up his/her past mistakes

Celebrate: your own traditions
Celebrate: each other's victories
Celebrate: EVERYTHING!!!

Anniversaries are for: reflection
Anniversaries are for: remembering why you got married
Anniversaries are for: looking back and ahead
Anniversaries are for: Celebrating

Start each day: focused on being selfless
Start each day: talking to each other

End each day: centered together, having given your best
End each day: with no hurt feelings

Happy Saturday :) Can't wait to keep learning.

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