Friday, August 17, 2012

way beyond blessed.

Okay there's lots to say/share/update/everything... but since school starts on Monday and that means life=CRAZY... I can only update with pictures...  We have been SO beyond SOOOO thankful/humbled/blessed/grateful for the past few weekends.  We had an amazing bridal brunch/shower in Cincinnati the first weekend in August and then TWO showers in Murray the following weekend (i'm anticipating my hand falling off from the thank-you notes haha)... All three were SO much fun (even though I wish we had slowed down a little bit more to enjoy them and take it all in) and we can't thank the wonderful people that poured so much time out enough.

Here are some of the pictures... 

Sweet little bear :) :) :)... couldn't have a weekend there without some sweet Barrett time :) :)  My parents got to come up to Cinci for Saturday and Sunday and we had a great dinner all together :) Barrett got to play in the pool outside after supper :) :)... this boy LOVES the water!

Next up, the 'Perfect Pair' shower at Aunt Connie and Uncle Larry's house!!! What a WONDERFUL day!  We felt so special and had SUCH a great time at the shower.  My Aunt is such a super hero (she had surgery on her foot a couple of months ago and STILL managed to throw the sweetest shower for us)... We were so thankful and had such a great time.

Tell me my sister isn't beautiful!... So thankful for her :) :) :)

My cousin made this cute little sign! I loved it and you can bet you'll see it on September 22 ;)

Ummmm... I think I was a little bit excited to open this baby... Tara and Stacy got us our cookware! Everytime we use it I KNOW (hope) that we will think of them... since I'm going to be cooking everyday apparently ;)

I don't even care that I look like Fatty-McSnackerson here... we were SO excited :)

My cousin had everyone invited to the shower send us a recipe from their home for us to use in OUR home... I got SUPER tired here and shed some tears.

How my Granny answers the phone yesterday: "hello? one hott momma to another"
I love her. She is beautiful from the center of her heart to the tip top of her gray hair.  

BAHHHH I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL SO STINKIN' MUCH!!!! She is developing the sweetest little personality and we LOVE to snuggle (she loves it too. she told me)... She smiles constantly and is the sweetest little girl. bah.

 Grady and Jeannie drove SIX HOURS to come to our shower on Saturday and then drove back for Grady to preach.  It was so cool to have them meet more of my family :) :)

Everyone who hosted/pitched in/made Saturday awesome :) :)

this is no-question my new favorite picture... my sister is so beautiful!!! :) :) :)

Sweet family!! I love this picture! :) :) :)

my home church, Glendale, had a shower for us on Sunday :)

everything about this picture makes me laugh... 1. i'm like a ghost. 2. andrew is nervous about breaking that dish. 3. tara is looking oddly at the camera. 

FINALLY!!! A good picture of both of us !!! :) :) :) Meri took a double-dip in helping out with showers this weekend :) :) We love her and her family so much and are so blessed by their friendship! :)

Happy Friday and...
-6 days since Andrew moved into our new home
3 days until school starts
4 days until the first Gathering
29 days til I move in our apartment
36 days til married life begins

much more to come soon :) :) :) :)

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