Monday, September 17, 2012

it's here.

Well... Today is Monday... and I marry the love of my life THIS SATURDAY.  I still stand by the thought that July was 6 years long but August was gone in a BLINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it would, and knew it WAS, but man August and September have flown by.  Lots of emotion as we head into this week but couldn't be more excited and thankful for my sweet Andrew.

Just a quick catch up before the whole marriage/wedding thing on Saturday... 

1. Andrew started a new job. We couldn't be more blessed, thankful, and excited to start a new journey together and I am so proud of him and thankful for all the things God is doing.

2. I moved in our apt (which also means Andrew is kicked out for the week... sorry love) and have 
been moving in for the past couple days (hindsight=should've done all that moving crap about 3 weeks ago... oh well :)... along with moving in, came moving OUT of a home that I love. Already miss Jenn and Mary so much... even though it's an exciting time, it brought a little mourning as I packed my last box and loaded the car (which didn't start on moving day... hahahahaha)

3. School/Work/Chapel has been great... I'm so blessed to work with some amazing (and very gracious) people that have been nothing less than wonderful the past few weeks.  Looking forward (but NOT wishing away) to being back and working with these guys.

4. Still learning alot about community and friends and being intentional with our time and the people around us.  I would almost bet a little bit of money on the idea that after we get married, we (or atleast I) will be total home-bodies and LOVE a little downtime.

Happy Monday (and wedding week) to all :) :) :)

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