Wednesday, October 10, 2012

quick peek.

I really hope to eventually post about the whole day/weekend/wonderful time that we had at the wedding. Our family and friends made our day so special and we look back on it already with such fond and sweet memory.  Thankful for this stage of life and looking forward to learning and growing together everyday! :) :)

Here are just a few (okay maybe a couple more than a few, but how can I choose!?!?) of my favorite pictures from the day.  Justin Wright did an AMAZING job and was such a joy to work with throughout the day! Thankful for his friendship AND for his work!!! You can see ALL (1,140) pictures HERE if you are up for it (yes, I have looked at all 1,100 around 6 (7) times)


I think he is SUCH a stud in this picture...

 I love the emotion on Andrew's face in this one.... 

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