Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas christmas christmas

I really believe that I will never want to move out of our 'quaint' (just learned that little word last night haha) little home. Ever.  I think it's the sweetest, cutest, homiest, bestest, littlest place to live in the whole world and we are LOVING how sweet it is decorated for Christmas.  I love coming home with my sweet Andrew and flipping on all of the lights and I think my mood instantly improves no matter what.  It's so fun.  Here are just a few photos from our first little Christmas together! :) :)

I know this is a horrible picture, but it was the only one I took when we went to pick out our tree.  I haven't ever had a real tree before so when Andrew suggested, I wasn't the biggest fan... but after about two convincing conversations, I was totally on board. So so so fun to come home to the smell and bah I just love it so much.

It looked so so tiny on top of my car. We were both (even though Andrew wouldn't admit it) a little nervous we had gotten one that was too small haha... we were WRONG.

it's the small things, people. Love those oreos (and yes, Andrew and I are eating them as I type this... oopsie.

If you would like to come visit the cutest, smallest, sweetest little Christmas decorated home in the whole world... COME ON OVER :) :)

happy day. pray for snow. Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

thankful November

Lots of people did this everyday during November... loved reading along and hearing so many people be so thankful!... Well I was a bit of a loser and only did about a 65% job. That's okay :) It was still fun! I tried to get on here during the days of November and write out what I was thankful for on THAT day... Failed after we started traveling for Thanksgiving.

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. Who knew it was SO STINKIN' FUN to be married. We are loving the holidays and had a great time with both families this year. Such a blessing that our biggest struggle is figuring out how to see BOTH wonderful families for everything.

1.  Julie, and a new name.  My best friend from High school (there, I said it) moved to Nashville and I love getting to do life with her.  Doing life like running errands and waiting in line and going to TJ Maxx life (not like sit down and catch up and then go home life). We went together today to get TN licenses (process. geez) and I was so thankful that 5 years after high school we are doing life together... (and my name changed... Keela Nicole Evans no longer exists. weird. Keela Evans Smith is a new person. What if I acted completely different? That'd be funny.

2.  My Andrew... he could be on every single day of this list... but the ways that he loves me and challenges me and desires for me to know the Lord and love people well and love him well and encourage and BAH... He is the love of my life and I'm thankful that God has brought us together.

3. Working for wonderful leaders... we had a board meeting today and the Spiritual life committee prayed over our team. WOW what a blessing. Wow. Amazing moment I am so thankful for.

4. My Kristen... I feel like I'm in the same room with her when we talk and laugh and catch up. We don't talk often (disclaimer for being a bad friend/connector) but when we do, it's like I'm sitting right beside her and she's laughing and reminding me of so much.

5. working for amazing people in a great place. Scott and my team are such blessing and encouragement and I couldn't be more thankful for them.
5a. Also thankful for mine and Andrew's crazy/broken/confusing/healing story. I love that we can empathize with brokenness and I"m so thankful to look back on our story and see how CLEARLY God was revealing so much in both of us.  Would I change how a few things played out? yes. but Would I change the story? Not for a second.

6. Amazing stories... We had HK Derryberry in the Gathering and it was beyond phenomenal.  Such a blessing to see people that love the Lord with their WHOLE heart.

7.  Thankful for hard learning times and growth. Thankful for hurt and heaviness in the midst of growing.


12.  Sabbath, and a job that calls me to keep it.  Quiet in the midst of brokenness and chaos is such a blessing and I feel overwhelmed by knowing that God is good and that HE is reigning as King.

13.  Grace from God and Grace from the people around me. Thankful for the wonderful people I work with over and over.

14.  Thankful for my sweet sweet husband. Had a crazy day at work and was feeling super anxious about being gone for a few days... Sweet love Andrew picked me up and loved me so well. I'm so thankful for his heart and desire to take care of me well.  Also thankful for the movies.

15. LEARNING... I may not be very smart, but I am the best person sponge you'll ever know. I love being in a curious situation and learning from the people around me. Thankful to be a part of a group where I am challenged to learn and grow, even when it's hard.

16. Baby. Girl. Kyndall. Geez she is cute, and we were SO thankful for spend time with her all day long.  So blessed by her smile and giggle and laugh. So blessed by her Mom and Dad and so thankful to be a part of their lives.

17. My sister. I've been blessed beyond belief to have someone as much like me, as she is different than me.  We challenge each other, encourage each other, and lose our patience about the exact same time.  Thankful for her teaching moments and listening moments.

18.  Ethos. Probably the biggest Spiritual blessing so far in my life (tangible blessing) that has shaped my thoughts and vision and goals so much more.  Thankful to SERVE there with wonderful people, and be able to leave and BE the church. What a blessing that I so so so often forget.
18a. Julie, again, and how she challenges me, understands me, and goes to see twilight with me (yes, I said it... don't judge us)

19. QUIET work space... I love my little office and the fact that I can hear everything (and everyone can hear me... oops) going on and I love how cozy and warm it is to be in here!

instead of doing two posts tonight... This is a post-view of our thanksgiving :)
The weekend before Thanksgiving we went to Lexington to babysit Kyndall and visit with my sweet Sister and bro-in-law... it was SUCH a great weekend! :) :) We love visiting with them and spending ANY time with this little love bug!!! :) :) MELT MY HEART ... we had a few Christmas photoshoots and I have to give Andrew lots of credit for being awesome at photo-assisting. mayyybe it's because we have taken 6,000 photos in the past 6 months.

Travelled to Cinci for most of the week and WOW it was great. We miss little BearBear so much and really wish we lived closer to everyone.  Look at this sweet little guy.. He is WALKING now (started soon after the wedding, but we hadn't gotten to see him!)

We watched Sound of Music (my first time and I loved it... It's Jeannie's favorite and it was such a fun night)... Barrett was glued to Julie Andrews beautiful voice. It was so sweet!

He LOVES his Uncle Andrew. But who wouldn't love the person giving you bites of their ice cream popsicle? ;)

Love Thanksgiving with The Smith's :)

Look at those sweet sweet angels!!!

Our first thanksgiving :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

so stinkin' sweet.

We headed to Murray Thursday night (which we don't do driving again on THursday... 1. nothing to eat. 2. traffic. 3. it literally seemed like it took 18 hours to travel 6... even though I slept for 2)

Sweet sweet Granny. I want to be JUST like her. 

Kyndall gives Kisses now and it's absolutely adorable... She's a french kisser though. Will have to talk about that one day!

Happy happy Sunday. Thankful beyond Words. Blessed beyond Belief.