Monday, February 4, 2013

ninety-four years young.

Andrew's Granddad (Gramps) celebrated his 94th birthday on Sunday, January 20th.  Gramps is one of those men that you can't walk away from without being amazed... He was in the Air Force, was in love for over 65 years with the love of his life, and has been in the newspaper more times than anyone I know (including Ray Lewis, Michael Jackson, and Obama combined... okay not really... but he's in the paper a LOT).

Gramps has this special way of making ANYONE feel welcome on the family dairy farm and a warm hug that make you feel like you've actually lived there yourself!  He sleeps in the same bed his grandfather slept in and can stoke a fire that will torch your eyebrows if you get too close.  We celebrated his life all together (mostly) and it was such a blessing to celebrate him.  Nannie passed away last February and if you think your heart may be hard, just spend a few minutes with Gramps talking about Nannie and how much he misses her. Your heart will be softened, warmed, and humbled.

Thankful for Andrew's family and so blessed by Gramps.

Gramps' Children
Great-Grandkids (minus little Ike!)
(almost) EVERYONE!! 

Happy Monday :)