Friday, March 29, 2013

washington, dc.

for spring break last week, Andrew and I travelled with two of our dearest friends, the Hartline's to our NATION'S CAPITOL!!! If you know me at all you know that I don't understand, don't care much, and couldn't have a conversation about politics if I tried follow politics much.  Yet, with that being said, I hadn't ever been to DC and we had been talking for a while now about wanting to take a trip... Sooooo... We took a little vacation and (Logan) drove the 11 hours to the beautiful Washington, DC.

What a WONDERFUL weekend we had! I'm not sure if I've ever walked that much in such a short period of time, but it was worth every step! Jill and I are also doing Camera Camp so it was really fun to practice (and fail for the most part, but still fun) in DC! :)

Thankful for our sweet sweet friends that love us even through our annoying moments (cough... too many questions... cough). 

Also, we celebrated our 6 monthiversary in DC! Couldn't have chosen a better place to be and we had such a fun date! :) :) :)

There were hundreds more pictures, but I'll save you from those :) 
Happy Good Friday :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013


WARNING: Cuteness-overload found below.

We went to Murray-town a couple weeks ago and had the BEST time with my sweet family. Kyndall is HUGE and sweet and funny and cuddly and snuggly and bahhhh I could just take a little bite out of her! (but I won't).

So many great memories and we were so thankful and blessed to be there.
Also, DQ opening day is always the most awesome day of the year  really fun. :)

Kyndall had her first ice cream! :) :) She was puh-resh-us! I mean, look at that little face.


We tried getting some pictures of our sweet little one, but it was terribly gross outside so we did the best we could. Please don't judge the photos. I hadn't been to Camera Camp yet ;)

I can't believe she is almost ONE!!! In just one little month and 3 days, this little angel will be ONE year old. Wow. What an angel. 

 We also celebrated Stacy's and my birthday while we were home :) 
It was quite the fire-hazard with all  60 of our candles :) 

Also, today was my birthday and WOW it's been quite the day. 

My sweet husband COMPLETELY outdid himself. I have felt SO loved today (and everyday, but REALLY today) and have been really trying to count my blessings along the way. He did so much to make sure I felt so special. I can't believe he picked me!!!

My sweet Dad drove 4+ hours to have lunch with me on my birthday. 
My mom is on her way tomorrow to hang out with us... & well, and she birthed me soo she wins.
My sister face-timed me so that I could see them and that sweet  baby girl!! 
My friends decorated, and texted, and posted, and called, and ate ice cream with me and WOW I have great people in my life. 
I feel so blessed and thankful to celebrate with so many great people.

Happy ThrowbackThursday, everyone :)