Monday, June 3, 2013

nephew love.

We got to visit Cinci this past weekend to see Andrew's family :) Love them so much and so thankful for two wonderful families that we are a part of.  Barrett has gotten SO big and is at such a fun age of curiosity, giggles, and adventure.... but still snuggly at the same time.  This sweet boy does NOT stop and LOVES his Uncle Andrew. It's so sweet to watch Andrew love on him constantly and be his biggest fan. He called Andrew 'dada' pretty often which was also hilarious.

I clicked my camera constantly but it was so worth getting to capture this sweet little boy in his prime. He's a quick little learner right now and really curious about what everyone is doing and wants to do exactly what the grown ups are doing. Bah. I could just eat him up. 

He was totally showing off for the camera and kept running up and down this little hill in the back yard. He would cheeeeese from ear to ear. So sweet.

Grady got a grill for Father's day so Barrett really wanted to help put it together. 

Sweet snuggles. He would just crawl up with Andrew. Melt my heart. 
#BabyFever #NotReallyButKinda

After Katherine cut up his corn, he saw how everyone else ate it and was determined to figure it out. He did it and it was so sweet and hilarious. Super proud of himself.

After we got the water hose out, it was a losing battle to keep this little guys clothes dry... So Andrew embraced it and soaked him haha. He would wait in anticipation everytime and would just giggle the sweetest little giggles!!

Happy Monday :)

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