Sunday, July 28, 2013

# VacationWasAwesome

Andrew and I went to Gulf Shores with my sweet family a few weeks back... 
and it. was. awesome.
I might deem it my favorite family vacation we've ever gone on.. 1. Kyndall was just a thought last time we went to the beach together and this time, she was ADORABLE. 2. Married vacations are way better than dating vacations and 3. My sister and I were best friends and it was awesome. 
Seriously, I felt so blessed to get to spend the week with her and it was so fun to watch her and Stacy love and teach sweet little Kyndall!!! 

The week was awesome. Wish we got to have more 'normal life' with our families. It was so fun babysitting one night (yes, my sister let me and Andrew babysit... but we did send lots of pictures and videos haha) and even the simple things like going to the grocery together are the things I miss the most about living in the same city, though I would have never admitted that when it was actually possible. Miss running errands together and meeting for supper and all the random things you get to do... but thankful we got to spend the week together.

oh, and did I mention that we have the cutest niece in the whole world? No? well, we do. Seriously. She is so adorable and learning so much and I love how curious she is. She has a little drama in her, but I wouldn't think she was my sister's child if she didn't have a little spunk in her somewhere :) 

She was an awesome traveller on the way down there :)... and no she didn't ride like this whilst driving.

 Loved her snuggle time!!

Babysitter night :)... She is mezmorized by Elmo and Sesame Street. I'm trying to cope with the fact that she can't quite say 'keela' but can say a perfect "EhMo" :)

Double Date to walmart and the Wharf :)

cue "Camera Camp Goes to the beach:"

Tara, don't be mad... It was too funny not to add.

Peek-A-Boo! :)
Look at those curls!!!!!!

Love my love.

We definitely had her heart with our sweets :) it was rare that Andrew or I didn't have something sweet to share. Just trying to be the best Aunt and Uncle we can be ;)

ah. Melt my heart. Love her little giggles.

Last day on the beach

So thankful for my sweet sister. #lovelanguage

Happy Sunday :)

Also, some fun news (no, I'm not pregnant): We are moving!!! :) :) Let the mourning period over our first home begin, but come September, we are moving down the street into a two bedroom condo! We are so excited and have already been obsessed over every project we want to do dreaming about what our new home will be like :) Happy happy day :)