Friday, August 9, 2013


Seasons come and seasons go.

Yet another summer season is rapidly coming to an end, and what a great summer this has been. God has been so gracious with His rest and life and I am so thankful for the past few months of renewal and joy!

It's been a slow-ish summer and Andrew and I have had alot of time to just be and because of that, I am more excited and ready for the new year to start!  Every other day, I get a little more anxious/nervous/terrified about starting Grad school and work at the same time, but God keeps reminding me constantly that this is just another day and that He is going to walk with me throughout it all!!!

This season has been so sweet and even though I will mourn (yes, I just said mourn) over this season (first year of marriage, our first home, our slow and restful summer, etc) being over, I am so looking forward to the fresh start of a new season. We heard some great wisdom from some friends recently about recognizing each season as it comes and being ready for the busy-ness or enjoying the peace when you're in the middle of those seasons.  Thankful for that advice and hoping that we can remember it mid-September when we are wading through busy-ness and changes :)

Holding tight to the lyric from United Pursuit: 

I will climb this mountain 
with my hands wide open.