Wednesday, January 15, 2014

it's all good.

I don't normally make new years resolutions... 

Mainly because:

1.  My 'year' still runs from August to August in my head... So dreaming and visioning and reflecting often comes in the summertime when things are much less crazy at work.
2.  I'm not very good at starting fresh in January because things gear back up crazy :)
3.  As much as both 1 & 2 are completely true... I'm also not very good at settings year-long goals and sticking to them. I am definitely in the high percentage group of "join a gym Set a goal in January and quit in February." So I try to be realistic about my new goals every year. (That may sound lazy, but I'm pretty reflective throughout the year so January isn't like a end-all-be-all month for me)

All that being said.. I DID set goals this year, but they are more like life goals rather than new year resolutions.  The fall semester for me (again, my year runs from August to August) was such a crazy, weird, wonderful, best semester, busiest three months ever, hectic different semester that at the end of it, I realized I had stopped doing a lot of things that bring me life... Sooooo those are my goals... To do things and be faithful to the things that bring me life, and life to the full.

1. Complain Less. Be more thankful.
2. Cook more.
3. Create more.

I want to cook more because I love it and it brings me joy (Yes, I have the joy of cooking Caity haha) and I think it's really fun to do for me and Andrew. Basically, I just like it, so I'm gonna do it more often; and I want to create more because I love being borderline mildly creative even though I'm not the best at it. It's still fun and light and freeing.

Onto the main point... Complain less and be more thankful. I don't complain that much in normal life (well, public) but I complain a lot to my sweet Andrew... from random dumb things like how cold I am... to off-the-cuff-marriage-fights that I could have gotten over about 68 times before it was a big deal, and everything in between.  Andrew might say I'm extremely dramatic I'm not sure how Andrew would describe it... but I definitely know that the world isn't ending just because one dish is in the sink so maybe I should stop being a jerk about the little things, and remember that it's all good!!

What if instead of thinking the worst of every look or comment or thought or eye roll, I tried to see life through a positive lens... I've tried every day to look at the day and the moments I would want to complain, and instead think how thankful I am in the same moment... It's changed moments in my job and our marriage and family and friends and on and on and on.... It's a choice (usually) to either be negative or positive about things... 

to pick out the worst, or focus on the best...

to  B@#%H  complain about the little things, or be thankful for the things that are going well...

at the end of the day, it's all good. Life is good and God is faithful and quick to love us in every moment.

Donald Miller tweeted this the other day, and it only affirmed some of my complain-y issues:

"How disappointing would it be get to heaven and find out God created life to be enjoyed while all we did was worry?"

It's all good, people. It's all good!!!

Happy Wednesday :)

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