Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A few weeks ago Andrew and I got to travel with some sweet friends, Josh and April, to Snowshoe, WV to ski for a few days!!! Andrew, sweet man that he is, surprised me with skis for Christmas and they had only gotten to be used at Perfect North (no offense, Lawrenceburg, still love you) but we were REALLY looking forward to going somewhere a little bit bigger! We had been there once before (my first real time skiing... which was mildly horrible because I was so bad. I fell. Alot. And then some more.) It was so much fun to have a little getaway and spend time with some of our closest friends!! :)

It was a snowy winter wonderland.

Yes, I was trying to dress up as Bane on the mountain ;)

Loved the week with my love. Man, he is WAY better than me at all things sports, and his snowboarding is no different. Whatever. :)

Sweet boys making our lunches (or dinner. or both haha.)

Love these two alot and so thankful for them!!!


It was SUCH a beautiful place!!! So thankful for all the beautiful snow, since Nashville has apparently been cursed by the snow gods (joke. I know there aren't snow gods.).  We said bye (well, I literally said goodbye and Andrew waved from afar) to our snow gear and packed it all away. Until next year, skis!!

Happy Beautiful Wednesday :) :)

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