Monday, September 22, 2014

two years.

I can still remember every moment two years ago... from waking up to a message from a dear friend... to getting ready with my sweet friends and family... to the moment the doors opened and I saw Andrew... to my ecstatic emotions during our sweet ceremony... to dancing with friends and singing "happy birthday" to our sweet flower girl.

But better than our wedding day as been the past two years... learning, growing, and loving life with my sweet Andrew. How did we get so lucky to be on this journey together? Not sure. But I'm still thankful.

A few things we've learned this year (and I guess some last year):

1. Seasons of busy-ness come and go... having home as a safe haven together is crucial.

2. "Cleaning" the house as compared to "Picking Up" are two very different things and need to communicated clearly (i.e. don't say "clean" if I just mean "tidy")

3. Finding space at home for separate time is really hard... but worth finding.

4. Hating UT and Auburn is maybe just as important as loving Alabama.

5. I didn't know what it meant to be a teammate until we got married... now I realize how much I NEED a teammate and how important it is for me to BE the teammate Andrew needs.

Happy Anniversary to us :) 

ps. I give all credit on "things we learned" idea to Andrea Hardison ;) Sorry I stole it, but I loved it too much not to ;)