Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I started writing this post on September 10... and now it's November 4th... Eek.

Instead of 4 really long and in depth posts, I'm gonna hit the highlights. Ready? Go.

1. Ellie Holcomb is awesome and her song 'Marvelous Light' brought my soul life and joy in a season of desperation.

2. This season has been crazy... we travelled/had plans/were at weddings every weekend from August through October. Eek. I feel us hibernating now, and it's glorious.  Looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays though :) :)

3. It's odd to not be in the Christmas spirit yet, but am feeling really thankful to be LOVING this beautiful fall. Have the trees always been so beautiful? I don't think I've ever noticed them like this before.

4. I went to a conference yesterday... It was awesome... I will write another post on that entirely.

Happy Tuesday :)

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