Friday, November 20, 2015

Stripe & Doodle Gift-Wrapping

Husbands, need some help getting those gifts wrapped for your bride?

Moms, need an extra hand to get those packages ready for your little ones?

Let me take some of the holiday pressure off by gift-wrapping your packages!

I have a love for pretty packages and beautiful gifts, and have had a dream for a few years to help other people give pretty gifts without the worry of getting them wrapped and under the tree!

What's Included  |  Gift box, wrapping supplies, bow and gift tag.

Dropoff & Delivery  |  You can drop your gifts off in the Green Hills (Lipscomb University), Nippers Corner, or Brentwood areas.   I will box, wrap, and deliver them within 2 days to the location of your original dropoff.

Pricing  |  Low prices start at just $2 for a small package (details below).
You can pay via PayPal, Cash, Check or SquareCash.

Stripe and Doodle Gift Wrapping
Gift box & Wrapping Supplies included

Extra Small | $2
4in. x 4in. or smaller (jewelry, gift cards, etc.)

Small | $4
8in. x 8in. or smaller (ties, scarves, gloves, small toys, etc.)

Medium | $5
10in. x 10in. (clothing boxes, medium toys, puzzles, etc.)

Large | $7
14in. x 14in. or larger (jackets, dishes, etc.)

Extra Large or Abnormal | $9 & up

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